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    IW is supporting "cheap" tactics.


      It seems like they are supporting Dropshotting, Jumpshotting, and Quickscoping, once again and this is awesome.  I know that some people call these cheap tactics, and I just want to let those know that hate these things that they are back in, so yeah.


      What do you think of Dropshotting, Jumpshotting, and Quickscoping?

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          I like the new features. Knee-sliding, etc. If you watched the MP reveal match you would see that one of the "suitcase" missions was to "kill an enemy while jumping". So clearly jumping, leaning, sliding, etc., are all part of Ghosts' game mechanics.


          I think QS is boring. I'd rather rush then QS any time. I'm looking forward to the new maps, which (so far) are clearly much more open to multiple playstyles then any map in BO2. I'll be resting my drinks on my BO2 disc while playing Ghosts come November 5th.

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            RunAndGun1 wrote:


            I'll be resting my drinks on my BO2 disc while playing Ghosts come November 5th.

            I hear that.

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              It's only cheap to those who got killed by it. They get butthurt so to make themselves feel better, they call it cheap, noob, glitch, or whatever. I'm glad that not only IW is keeping these mechanics, they're even adding more. The fact that not everyone in the community can execute a proper jumpshot, dropshot, jumpshot to dropshot, and quickscope means that these mechanics are legit skill. 


              A few hours ago, I executed a jumpshot to dropshot against somebody trying to hide in a corner. I killed him and I heard him ranting. We were down by 10 kills but we persevered and pulled out a hard earned win in a close fight. He left the lobby mad after the loss. I was left wondering if such moves are so nooby and easy to pull off, why didn't he used them to pull off the win?

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                iivrruummii wrote:


                RunAndGun1 wrote:


                I'll be resting my drinks on my BO2 disc while playing Ghosts come November 5th.

                I hear that.

                My BO2 disc, is already a coaster. Such a disappointment

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                  Dont care about dropshotting or jumpshotting, I only rarely jumpshot being a HC player, dropshotting is near worthless, especially in BO2. Quickscoping, again being a HC player, don't care. It doesn't affect my game experience, I have about 22 days played in BO2, and have less than 2000 deaths to sniper rifles, and half of those are to the SVU. If they make quickscoping harder thats fine, but I dont expect it because IW has never challenged players to be good.

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                    The only problem with these actions in previous COD multiplayer games was that the mechanics were very glitchy and unpolished. In the middle of a gunfight you can suddenly jump or press your prone button to screw with the hitboxes and hit detection, which were bugged in the first place.


                    The problem would have been solved if they were more deliberate about what movement does to weapon handling. For instance if recoil and sight sway were multiplied if you attempt to fire without both feet firmly on the ground.


                    Quickscoping is its own can of worms. On the console it can be horribly abused just to take advantage of aim assist to get off a lethal hit with no delay at all. But even on the PC, it suffers from a similar issue that at one moment, you have a horribly wide hip spread that isn't meant to hit the broad side of a barn, and then two milliseconds later all of that spread disappears. Moreover, by tapping the scope on and off in such a short span of time, you completely circumvent the sway system, which was obviously put there for a reason. But since it is there, and it is a hindrance, players will try to weasel out of it whenever possible. I don't blame them for that.


                    I say the best way to keep quickscoping in check is to make normal sniper tactics reasonably effective. A huge part of that will be in setting up maps with favorable sightlines and shooting positions that allow long range gunfights to take place. But equally important will be making it practical to handle sniper rifles as they were meant to. Maybe the scope sway slowly shrinks as the scope remains raised, making it more viable to actually behave as a sniper should.


                    But lets face facts. This game isn't going to be about long range gunfights and deliberate marksmanship. It'll be about spawning into small cluttered maps where all encounters are sudden and in close range. With that being the case, it probably does make sense for sniper rifles to be as spastic and mindless as the other weapons. Otherwise they'll just be a waste of space.

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                      Not too thrilled, but not too surprised. I mean after having been dropshotted and jumpshotted since Call of Duty 4, it isn't like I use those maneuvers sometimes (I don't have a scuf so it's harder to jumpshot), but I still don't like them lol

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                        Good points, they really should consider the importance of stabilizing yourself from jumping and dropping to the ground so fast. They have the resources and the calls from fans for them to fix those things but them programming them into the bots in this game just shows their stance on it smh It's bad because even Rubin said he didn't like dropshotting... It's not really a vital tactic (well it is only because they let it be), so removing it would actually force players to learn how to shoot and maneuver without jumps and drops.

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                          Op got it backward actually. The movement system was changed, but its highly punishable now to the bad players. Your speed is not the same as other call of duty. If you dive on the ground, you are more punished than ever, same for jumping over objects. The recovery into sprint is not the same, it punish players that do it at the wrong times, because the recovery is drasticly different.


                          Quickscoping is highly weaker in ghost as well, due to the recovery change. Its about the only people that will most likelly hate the new physic.

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