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    XP Carrying over from XBOX360 to XBONE and PS3 to PS4

      Since you can't play the next-gen version of Ghosts until 2 or 3 weeks after the current-gen version of Ghosts, Activision has made it so that any XP you've earned on the PS3 or XBOX360 will carry over to the PS4 and XBONE, respectively.



      Here are my questions: (I'll use the PS3 to PS4 in my questions so I don't have to write so much)


      1. Is this a one-time transferring of XP? or Any time I gain XP on either console, both consoles will reflect my gained XP?


      2. a) Will I be able to play on the same account on my PS3 AND PS4 at the same time?

          b) How will that work as far as gaining XP? (the answer to this is dependant on the answer to question 2a)