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    Changes to UAV...good, bad, indifferent?

      Out side of host selection an matchmaking, the the largest issue to me has been the streak spam. In particular...


      ...the UAV.


      As I'm sure you know (and if not, you do now), the UAV has been replaced with a ground based Sat-comm. The change to a ground based streak is not the only change. It's now "stackable" in 4 tiers.


      1. Line of Sight detection

      2. Standard UAV

      3. Faster scanning UAV

      4. Advanced UAV (it still scans)


      That's a lot of change... but how much is good, bad, or indifferent?



      The good....


      + It's ground based. No more scanning the sky like a moron to just get picked off.

      + It's easy to destroy. And that's needed since I'm unsure there are EMP 'nades.



      The bad...


      - It's still a low streak. 3 pts for assault. 4 for support. It'll still be spammed.

      - A perk that let's you use enemy Sat-comms as though they were yours. You don't have to hack it... you just magically link into it. I'm unsure if this affects only you or your entire team.



      The indifferent...


      ~ How well will Ghost/UAV jammer/Whatever-the-perk is called will counter them will matter-ish.

      ~ As they stack... not sure how many are individual or team.



      My concern  is instead of UAV spam... we'll get Advanced UAV spam. It doesn't take much for a team of 6, running support and Hardline, to get 4 Sat-comms.


      Count on it.

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