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    The Elephant in the Room... the Spawn System

      I think one of my personal bugaboos over the past few games has been the increasingly worsening spawn system.


      Don't get me wrong, Spawns on BO2 could be controlled to a degree, but I think there are few out there who would disagree with me that there were far too many cases of bizarre spawns in that game. With the speed of the game, in some modes it happens quite frequently.


      To me, there isn't much worse than being killed in a spawn. You are utterly defenseless, and since you can't control where you spawn you don't have a chance to react quick enough before being taken out. For my HC friends, the situation was made worse when the spawn timer was removed. Often times I would work to overtake an area, kill an enemy, and have them spawn directly behind me to get the revenge kill. Not great for tactical game play.


      So what, if anything, can be done? One suggestion has been "Ghosting" in, similar to games like CS:GO. Spawns, especially in the gun game modes, were insane, but since you ghost in you have a chance to move out of harms way and return fire rather than just being a sitting duck.


      Perhaps give players the ability to choose where they spawn ala Battlefield? Spawn on a teammate or into certain safe zones?


      I am just not sure what the solution is. I haven't pored over the hours of game play being released from this week's event, but perhaps those who have can share what they've seen as far as the spawns go?


      Wondering if anyone has thoughts on the spawn system, or perhaps has ideas for how it can be improved. I am sure they have already implemented this into the next game, but thought since it is an issue that impacts us all on a game by game basis it would make for interesting conversation.