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    Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

      Before I begin, this is going to be a relatively lengthy post, so I'd appreciate if you took the time to read though it and comment. Like many of you, I've been watching the first gameplay videos of Ghosts as they have been coming out, and I've been reading through many of the discussions people have brought up. What I don't understand is the amount of negative feedback that people have been offering up after getting a first look at Ghosts. First off, I have seen many people saying how little innovation there actually is and how it's just the same old Call of Duty multiplayer. I think people need to realize that innovation does not necessarily refer to something that hasn't been in an FPS before, but rather refers to new features or progression withing the CoD franchise. Features such as the knee slide, leaning around corners, and mantling objects without breaking stride are all new features to CoD multiplayer, and I personally am excited to see how these change the gameplay. Another feature that is again not necessarily innovative in the FPS genre, but it is within CoD, is dynamic maps. I think this is going to be great for the game. It just makes it a little harder to memorize the maps and learn all the spots to sit in for cheap kills, which I think is going to keep the game a little faster paced and have people thinking on their feet a bit more. Also, the huge amount of customization in this game is building on what Treyarch did in Black Ops 2. Personally, I love how you are able to customize the entire online experience, from your soldier's appearance all the way down to the standard create-a-class. Also, more new weapons, killstreaks, and perks means that we might actually see some variety in what people use in their loadouts for once. To people who don't like all the customization features that Ghosts brings, there's a simple solution: DON'T USE IT. It's in the game to give people more variety, which is good for the game. If you don't like something, don't use it. I'm also very interested to see how the whole Squads system is going to work. I think it could be a neat addition to the series, and people who are saying it is stupid have far too little information on it to judge at this point. So when it comes to innovation WITHIN the CoD franchise, I actually do think Ghosts has made some progress. While the multiplayer gameplay itself is your pretty standard Call of Duty gameplay, I don't think this is a bad thing at all. Now before you all start hating on me, let me explain. CoD is designed to be a fast-paced, arcade-style shooter with lots of gunfights and close quarter action. This is the system they have built the series around, and despite all the negativity, it is extremely successful. I've seen so many people on these forums saying "IW just lost a customer. BF4 for me". I honestly find this to be a very poorly thought out response. BF and CoD are not the same game. They are not meant to be the same game, nor will they ever be. I am a fan of both series, and I like playing each just as much as the other. BF is more slow-paced, strategic, and often longer-ranged combat. Also, it is a more immersive FPS than CoD without question, which I love. However, that doesn't make Ghosts bad. What Ghosts offers is just a fresher version of what people have grown to love with the CoD franchise. Fast-paced, non-stop, in your face action. While less strategic (unless playing competitively), and requiring less skill to play overall, CoD games are still a ton of fun to play in their own right. I strongly believe that Ghosts will be a fantastic game that brings a different variation of CoD multiplayer than what we are used to, while still maintaining the style of gameplay that people play THIS game for. Which is the fast-paced, up close and personal FPS that has been so successful for the series. The system that CoD has is extremely popular and it actually does work. So there's no need to completely overhaul it and try to turn it into a game that it's not. Adding some cool new features, keeping it fresh, and making minor improvements are all that Ghosts needs to be a fantastic game, and to me, that's what it looks like IW has done.



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          1. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

          Quick Tip... use Paragraphs and spaces to break apart your post. Wall of text is hard to read. Just a tip.



          There is always hate. People seem to think it is cool to hate on this game, for what reason I just don't know. Some people are BF fans and feel the need to hate on CoD... I don't understand why they can't just like what they like and leave it at that.


          My feelings are.. I am excited about the new game. I am excited every year. Why? Because CoD is fun. In spite of all the issues, and there are always issues, the game is still fun. I like other games. BF? Sure, fun, but I lost interest fast. But CoD? Always fun for me. Always replayable.


          My take on it is... if you have a legitimate beef, give it to us in an intelligent argument. Otherwise, if you don't like the game... just don't play it. Don't try to make yourself sound superior because you play something else. Don't ruin the experience for others just because you want to be hateful.


          None of us, except for a rare few.. have played the game yet. NOBODY has played the release version of the game yet.


          Haters gonna hate. Intelligent consumers make their own decisions.

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            2. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

            The "cool" thing to do these days is hating on COD.

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              what he said. Everyone hates COD. I'm not reading that wall of text.

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                4. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                Typically when that happens, it means you are doing something right.


                I am sure when the Beatles were popular, there were snobs who said they couldn't stand them.


                When Super Mario was the top seller, there were folks hating on it.


                If I hated CoD, I wouldn't waste my time posting about it, that is for sure.

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                  5. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                  Basically what I was on here to post lol It seems like the hipsters and "cool kids" think it makes them tougher or more credible when they trash Call of Duty (and oftentimes go on to say how much better Battlefield is). Pretty lame, Call of Duty has its flaws (some of which are extremely frustrating to say the least lol) and I get to a point where I'm just burnt out, but it's still a fun series with what are among the best controls and tight gameplay out there imo. The jumpshotting, quickscoping, dropshotting, etc. stuff that makes the online play a circus sometimes is annoying but the gameplay is still fun, especially when playing with friends. Anyway, it seems like most many players just hate on it to be cool. Some just want the game to be what it once was (although hating on it isn't exactly the best way to go about it).

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                    6. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                    I have not seen much hate for the game. The only "hate" I have seen are people that are ignorent enough to automatically dislike this game because they play battlefield or any other FPS shooter. Alot of threads on the forums arent so much hate as they are constuctive ctiricism. That is just my opinion on it though

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                      7. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                      @ nicedrewishfela - thanks for the tip. I agree with what you're saying. BF and CoD are both completely different styles of FPS. While CoD might not be as immersive as BF, the multiplayer consistently offers gameplay that is fun to play. Which is why I feel that massive overhaul in new titles isn't necessary.


                           Great point on the fact that the version we saw being played during the reveal is not the finished product, and we will likely see many changes before it launches in November. I think too many people are too quick to judge this game based on seeing a very small sample of what it's acutally all about.

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                        8. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                        @ab36 - what you said about playing with friends. while some people dislike CoD because they think it takes no skill (which I think is not true at all), the ease of controls and simplicity of the game make it extremely playable. you can play with friends who have never played an FPS in their life, or with friends that have played every FPS out there, and have a great time either way. CoD has become as much of a social scene as it has a top-played FPS, which in my opinion adds value to it.

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                          9. Re: Why so much hate for CoD: Ghosts?

                          Fair point. But I have seen a lot of complaints that this looks just like other CoD games. While I can appreciate people wanting some new features (which I think IW has actually done a good job with in Ghosts), I think that too much change would take away from what the entire CoD experience is about. In my opinion, the multiplayer gameplay is always solid and fun to play. The system works, and people always come back for more because, at the end of the day, CoD is fun. Simple as that. Just as a curiousity, it would be interesting to see what happens if a future CoD title was completely changed. I wonder how many people would be saying "this isn't fun. what happened to the CoD that we used to have?"

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