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    Class ideas/

      This is the best list of perks I found

      • Speed:
      1. Quickdraw - Faster aiming down sights (ads) (1 point)
      2. Sleight of Hand - Faster weapon reloads (2 points)
      3. Agility* - Faster mobility speed (2 points)
      4. Marathon* - Longer Sprint Duration (2 points)
      5. Stalker* - Mover faster when aiming (2 points)
      • Handling:
      1. Strong Arm* - Throw equipment further. Decreases cooktime (1 point)
      2. On the Go* - Reload while Sprinting (2 points)
      3. Reflex* - Swap Weapons faster (2 points)
      4. Steady Aim* - Increases hip-fire accuracy (2 points)
      5. Dexterity - Weapon is ready faster after sprinting (2 points)
      • Stealth:
      1. Takedown* - Kill without revealing enemy death indication (1 point)
      2. Blind Eye - Undectable by air support and sentries (2 points)
      3. Off the Grid* - Undectable by SATCOM and motion sensors (2 points)
      4. Dead Silence* - Quiter movements (2 points)
      5. Cold-Blooded - Undetectable by player targeting (2 points)
      • Awareness:
      1. Recon* - Temporarily tag enemies you damage on the mini map (1 point)
      2. Scavenger* - Resupply ammo from the fallen (2 points)
      3. Sitrep - Detect enemy equipement and explosives (2 points)
      4. Eavesdrop - Hear enemies louder (2 points)
      5. Wiretap* - ?? (2 points) (Overlay your SATCOM with enemy SATCOM)*
      • Resistance:
      1. Lightweight - Take no fall damage  (1 point)
      2. Painkiller - Health regernates faster (2 points)
      3. Stopper - Reduced flinch when shot (2 points)
      4. Tac Resist* - Increased resistance to flash and stum (2 points)
      5. Blast Shield* - Increased resistance to explosive damage (2 points)
      • Equipment:
      1. Extra Tac* - Extra Tactical equipment (1 point)
      2. Extra Lethal* - Extra Lethal equipment (2 points)
      3. Fully Loaded* - Start with extra mags (2 points)
      4. Extra Attachement* - Extra attachement for both primary and secondary weapons (? points)
      5. Danger Close* - ??? (3 points) Either increased Explosive Range, or Damage.
      • Elite:
      1. Gambler* - Receive one random perk each time you spawn (1 point)
      2. Hardline* - Killstreaks (scorestreaks?) require one less point (2 points)
      3. Ping* - Reveal enemies nearby after a kill (2 points)
      4. Overkill* - Carry two primary weapons (? points)
      5. Deadeye* - Increases chance to inflict more damage with each consecutive kill (5 points)

      11-perk combinations (no lethal, tactical, secondary?)


      In the general Category avoid stealth perks


      Assault Rifle - General (non-stealth)

      Quickdraw, Stalker - 3

      On the go, Dexterity - 4

      (objective) Blast Shield - 2

      (non -objective) Lightweight + Gambler (2)

      Ping - 2


      SMG - General (non-stealth)

      Agility - 2pts

      On the go - 2pts

      Painkiller - 2 pts

      Ping - 2 pts

      Stalker/Steady Aim/Dexterity/Tac Resist (if BO2 effectiveness)/Hardline (2 pts)

      Quickdraw/Lightweight/Gambler - 1 pt


      Marksman (Agressive)

      Deadeye - 5pts

      Quickdraw - 1 pts

      Steady Aim - 2pts

      Stalker - 2 pts

      Gambler/Light Weight - 1 pts

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          Re: Class ideas/

          I like this setup for any class except sniper: Quickdraw, Slight of hand, Stalker, Off the Grid, Scavenger, and Painkiller(Regeneration) perk. No back up or grenades needed IMO, I'm fine with running around with 1 gun gettting a kill and then I use that as my secondary weapon.



          LMK any feedback you have!!!

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            Re: Class ideas/

            Explosive Oriented Class


            Secondary - Launcher (1pt) - if this is a secondary

            Lethal - C4 - 1 pt


            Strong Arm - 1 pt (if your going to use flash/stun or Grenades/C4 this seems very useful since in the gameplay throwing range is small

            Extra Lethal - 2 pts (assuming that extra C4 doesn't take up another point (I doubt it))

            Danger Close - 2 pts (This will +explosives)

            2 of Off the Grid/Blast Shield/Blind Eye/Reflex (if switching to Lethals is effected) - 4 pts

            Optional Tactical (1 pt)

            Optional Gambler/Lightweight (1pt)/ Scavenger (if lethals are resupplied) (2 pt) (Replace with Extra Lethal)

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              Re: Class ideas/

              Run and Gun-10(TDM, DOM, etc.)

              Slight of Hand-2


              Steady Aim-2




              -No Secondary or Lethal





              Dead Silence-2

              Off the Grid-2


              -No Secondary




              Slight of Hand-2



              Off the Grid-2

              -No Lethal


              Agressive AR-8









              Off the Grid-2



              Stealth/Red dot chaser-11



              Off the Grid-2





              -No Secondary, Lethal, or Tactical.

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                Re: Class ideas/

                anyone know what "player targeting" means on cold blooded? does it mean your tag won't show up, or are they hinting at keeping target finders in ghosts? And are some of the perks meant to take the quickdraw, stock, etc attachments from bo2 out? I'm really sorry if I'm asking dumb questions, just haven't been able to find out this info elsewhere yet.

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                  Re: Class ideas/

                  Woops. I didn't see you made this thread already. Did you include tags? Anyway, heres mine and probably everyone else in the game.


                  This will Be Everyones Character

                  1- Quickdraw

                  2- Stalker

                  2- Dexterity

                  2-Sleight Of Hand

                  2- Off The Grid

                  2- Toughness

                  No Lethal. No Tactical. No Secondary

                  11 Points Done


                  This Class dominates the game in my opinion (non objective gamemodes)


                  You will be able to raise your gun faster than most opponents in all scenarios.

                  You will not flinch when shot at.

                  You will be able to out maneveur most players.

                  You will be immune from Sat Coms.


                  Plays can no longer resupply Lethals so they will not spam c4.

                  Chances are that unless you are in a room where enemies already know your position, you will not get hit with a lethal/tactical

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