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    Buried, throwing a monkey bomb over the edge at pack-a-punch

      Hi, I was playing buried solo not too long ago and I was down at the pack-a-punch machine building up points and what not and I threw a monkey bomb over the edge of the walkway and down the big hole, and when it went over I heard a boom/rumble noise followed by laughing ( the same as when you get the teddy in the random box) except it didn't say "bye bye".  Anyways I was a bit curious so I threw another 2 down and then when I got max ammo I threw 3 down and every time I threw a monkey bomb down the hole the same noise and laughter would happen I was just wondering if anyone knew why it does that or what It does, I had a very brief search on google and YouTube but couldn't find anything.  I don't know of this happens when you throw a monkey bomb in the water or lava or not, just wondering if it meant something.

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