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      So, I just reached my goal of hitting 5K+ kills with the crossbow  as well as making the crossbow my mostly used weapon.  It took me 2  weeks to do while playing mainly Core and Hardcore  Domination.  And yes, I do play the objective in Domination;  sometimes a lot more than my teammates. My  overall goal is to hit 10K kills with the crossbow because I like a  challenge and I dont think anyone has a CB with this many kills (at  least I havent seen anyone with it.)


      So, to  celebrate this little personal accomplishment, I want to know if anyone  is interested in a little crossbow guide for both Core/Hardcore Domination and the way I use the weapon and approach the games.  They will include  class set-ups, basic strategy for getting kills, caps, and defends, how  to line up your shots quickly, and anything else I can think of. Also,  if there is anything you want to know about or need help/tips with,  please ask and I'll include it.  This is only if the anyone in the  community is interested in a guide.