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    new game modes

      what are the new game modes about? i know search and rescue&cranked, but there are many more? (blitz,grind,safegaurd,infected)? but i can't find any information about them on (youtube,google...) and they didn't give information about it in the trailer so ?

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          There's seven new multiplayer modes in total. Blitz - the third of the new modes - is going to be shown off tomorrow at Gamescom I believe, so you might want to tune in to twitch.tv/callofdutyghosts from 5PM BST to check that out.

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            blitz is some sort of dom ctf mix.

            Both teams have a area/base. The point of the game is to get in the enemy base. When you do you teleport back to your own base. In that you you gain points. And only one person at the time can teleport. When with more the second has to wait for an x amount of time to teleport.