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    Treyarch Strikes ?

      Hello guys i  was just thinking after watching Origins cinimatic Tralier over and over and over and still watching it , of course till now we did not have a clue of  anything to build like on other maps which i hightly think they won't add that , so no TREMPLE STEAMS ! YES ! am i right YES **** YOU GLITCHES and no Wonder Weapon Flying Glitch ? YES! okay i was just joking i know people will find glitches and ruin the LEADERBOARDS ! , but who cares its origins we only care about the Story line now right ? i bet my ass they added these Robot ( the normal ones not the 1000 feet robot ) just like a powerful one who you can't beat easily so now you can't glitch i think , however i think that would be Brilliant Since Zombies team ****** UP DIE RISE AND BURIED they knew people will find other Glitches with the tremple **** even after patch , lets forget about glitches lets go on with story Tell me guys about your theory's i like to read this stuff since i only see people complaining about stupid stuff like Nikoli's name what the **** man just go on , my theroy is in the end of the tralier when Richtofen look at his hand that weird look as like he was in a place and he found him self in another , Richtofen was in Samantha's body and Boom he found him self in his body thats why he looked at his hand , he looked up before the robot lunch or light up he knew what was going to happen , i think its a continued Loop and in Origins it have to be the ending of that Loop , in the end i would like to say sorry for my Spelling im not an english guy just like i said tell me your theroy's , Peace