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    New Game Mode... Blitz... Back to the Old in Dom.


      Found this idea interesting. Game Mode is Called Blitz, and is a new mode in Ghosts.


      Basic premise is each team has a circle, or base area near their spawn point called a Portal, similar to CTF but without the Flag.  (The Bases Move as well, not sure if within the match or match to match).


      The point of the game is to get as many players into the other team's base as possible during the game. Team that does this the most wins. When a player gets into the base, they are teleported back into their own base.


      The catch is there is a delay after each point. So you can't just run two players in at once. One player goes, then the next player has to hold the area before Capping it themselves.


      Points Capped at 16 points in the mode played at the reveal and GamesCom, switch sides after 5 minutes.


      Actually sounds pretty fun. Thoughts?


      The IW announcement and some in game footage-




      In related news: Apparently, Domination is just going back to how it always has been in IW games. No advancement in the scoreboard, no new rules. I know the BO2 format wasn't really embraced, but I would have liked to have seen some innovative change rather than the same old same old.