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    Split-Screen Multiplayer and Co-Op on the PC


      Call of Duty: Ghosts PC version must get the following feature:


      Split-Screen Multiplayer Free For All, Team Deathmatch etc.
      Split-Screen Multiplayer Co-Op Missions, Survival etc.


      So far every previous COD since Modern Warfare 1 has had this feauture on the console versions, Something needs to be done.


      With concern to graphics and framerate performance, The PC is obviously far more superior at handeling these games, especially split screen, its a joke that it hasn't been in place since Modern Warfare 1.


      I've read on other forums about the developers saying this feature is "not practical". Well Yes it Is!

      Some of us have PC's hooked up to a large TV or Displays, we've been playing split screen games since the 90's but rescently it's even more awesome with the native 360 controller support up to 4 players.


      Just to proove Split-Screen/Offline Multiplayer is a practical feauture for PC, I Will list a bunch of other games already with this feature:

      Serious Sam 3 BFE
      Dirt 3
      Dirt Showdown
      Dungeon Defenders

      Rayman Origins

      F1 2012
      Unreal Tournament 3 (Awesome for Split-Screen BTW, remember to download all the custom maps for extra fun)
      Armagetron Advanced
      LEGO Lord of the Rings

      Portal 2
      Left 4 Dead 2
      Track Mania 2 : Stadium, Canyon, Valley.
      Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed
      Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing

      Street Fighter IV
      Street Fighter X Tekken
      Trails Evolution Gold Edition
      Trine 2

      MegaByte Punch (Also Awesome, fun progression system with co-op and versus)


      Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse

      ShootMania: Storm

      FIFA 13




      ... Please add this feauture Infinity-Ward & Treyarch.
      It is Practical. And its Very Fun


      I will personally buy every single COD game that will add this feature in an update, until then I'd rather not.

      You have an awesome game, but that missing feauture is the only thing thats stopping me from buying your games


      Message was edited by: Tontonronton I've added a few more PC split/shared screen multi-players to the list, Enjoy!

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          I think adding this feature is a great idea! I'd love to be able to do this


          PC's are becoming more like Consoles anyway with interface in mind, Have you ever used Big Picture on steam?, well essentially the steambox is coming, whether its a flop or not, it doesn't matter because people still put small or not pc's in the living room anyway. Then what will developers do, still keep removing split-screen from steambox games even though its like a console.

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            I'm with you Tontonronton.  I ditched my console for the pc, and the lack of split-screen games is embarrassing.  It makes my blood boil when I start looking online for solutions and read a bunch of "nope, give up already" and "Who would want to play split-screen games?".  I don't feel like I should be pleading with anyone for a no-brainer like this.  Fortunately with the steam-box systems on the way, it's going to bring attention to the PC gaming community. Which will ultimately bring a larger audience with the same interest in split-screen games. 


            I'm looking for a response from the developers on the split-screen situation.  I don't want to waste my money on a game if the developers can't even take pc gaming seriously.

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              I agree 100% as someone who has friends and family stay over relatively often, the only thing I miss about my console is the split screen feature that is so much more common. There is no reason for them not to include split-screen support on PC. People have been using their PCs as powerhouse consoles more and more lately and with the addition of big picture mode it's becoming more common. It's almost like the devs think PC players have a lack of friends. For those saying you would need to use a controller, so what? Controllers are natively supported in most games released these days, so that's a non issue.

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                  Yeah! That feels so true about the devs thinking we have no friends haha , my pc serves as an even better tool than a console when it comes to friends. The other day i had a bunch of mates over and i showed them the Dolphin emulator we tried out new super mario bros wii 4 player, they were super impressed and then it opened their minds and they were like "Wait i can play nearly any previous console game on the PC!" then they were all like "get star wars: battlefront 2"... i just love the backwards compatibility of PC's i still play games like Homeworld and Tomb Raider 4. It may sound mean but i kinda hope PC just dominates the gaming market eventually and people stop buying consoles and get a steam box or a console priced gaming PC. I guess if that were to happen PC's would become cheaper if there's more demand. It is the best place to be cause its the future

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                      Every generation of consoles gets closer to PCs. This current gen for instance saw the following: Regular software updates to the OS and games, option to install your games to the HDD, web browsers, Netflix, Hulu, etc. The biggest difference at this point is not price but interface and that is less of a factor thanks to big picture mode. Consoles are just less powerful, more streamlined and restrictive PCs. I think more and more people are swapping to PC gaming with Steam, big picture mode, the upcoming family sharing stuff, the better visuals/performance and the freedom.


                      When the Steambox gets announced, if it's priced somewhat competitively with the consoles it will, IMO, lead to a massive change in the gaming market. PC gaming is already in a state of revival and people are becoming more aware of the positives of the platform. Right now is the best time for Valve to strike with their "consolized" PC. This is coming from someone who had never, ever played a game on PC until last spring. Now there is no way in hell I'm going back to consoles, at least not as a primary platform.

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                    At last, I have found someone with the same issue as myself. My PC has been connected to a TV before my TV was even HD and I hoped when I bought Black Ops 2 it would have had local co op for zombies As well as the for the story and muliplayer..Seeing as how I've paid the same price as console users and not got the same features I cant help but to feel ripped off, and in all honesty it has put me off buying the DLC. Resident evil 6 has incorporated local splitscreen in very well I think. Perhaps Activision should take a leaf out of Capcom's book

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                        The only DLC I would even think about touching in BO2 are the zombies maps and well.....since I am forced to pay $15 for 1 map I actually want Activision isn't getting any of my money on B02 DLC until a zombies map pack drops, if it ever does.

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                          So much feel for u here, the only times I've ever played Black Ops 2 on PC were when its a free weekend on steam or round a mates, but yeah they should at least lower the price for less features. Hah yeah i also used to own one of those video cards with the yellow component output! so funny it was so hard to read things on that aweful TV back in the day but it was just as playable as my PS2 in comparison on that same TV. I would buy a 360 if i had the money but even then i was playing MW1 and BO1 on PS3 rescently, it just didn't look as nice or feel as fluid as MW2 on my pc but mainly the anti-alising was better on PC, which is probably one of the best graphical advancements for being able to see your screen on split-screen gaming. Its ridiculous to exclude it from PC.

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                              Playing a console for the first time after nearly a year without was a jarring experience for me. I knew console lacked any kind of AA or AF but geez did it look like ****. It was the Crysis 3 beta, which keep in mind I had played for a couple days on PC before this. The difference in visuals was massive, and the controller....don't even get me started. Trying to aim with a controller after a year of mouse+kb was just awful. I hated the experience, which is funny considering before I built my PC I was completely turned off by the idea of using a mouse+kb to play games. Now I can't stand playing a game without them.


                              I have convinced all of my friends I know IRL to switch to PC gaming after showing them the light so to speak. Then the Steam sales would make any console gamer question their decision, hell they baffle me most of the time.

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                            Hey ya'll thanks for all your comments i really appreciate it, its really nice to see people do care.


                            I also feel its especially important that Call of Duty games in particular have the split-screen feature, my reason being: Call of Duty is probably one of the most successful gaming franchises ever, and whatever they do, other game developers will copy. If it does happen ever, we will most definitely see more split-screen games on the PC

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                              yes i want to play on pc in big screen mode (STEAM), split screen is needed please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                              LISTEN TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                                It would be...AWESOME if they could have Coop multiplayer. As for Split-screen, I don't see it being that practical unless you have controllers hooked up as well as the computer hooked up to an HD TV via HDMI. Still though, it would be nice to FINALLY get some coop in the campaign, seeing as it concerns 2 brothers and there's always both of them in every mission...

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                                  Anyone know yet if ghost pc actually support split screen yet cause don't want to pre order it and be disappointed if it doesn't sigh they could at least tell their customers why we have to beg for this feature in the first place it's common decency guess bf4 will have the majority of my time 

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                                    Is there a place where we could vote to make infinity ward or activision aware that the players want this feature? It's such a shame not being able to invite some buddies or family to play in split screen a game that in consoles has this feature...

                                    or could we initiate somewhere a type of pledge for this feature???


                                    and no, I don't why to buy a console just for that feature...


                                    PS. I have blur only for that feature... I have never played single player, only split screen with my wife and family and I will buy UT3 solely for that feature (I was not aware that it had split screen, thanks for the tip tontonronton)...

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                                      I signed up just so I could add my voice to this thread.


                                      This needs to be implemented, I don't see why it hasn't already been added. Especially with the imminent release of SteamOS and Big picture already in place PC gaming is hitting the couch more and more often.


                                      And to those people saying "just buy a console if you want splitscreen", well I would but I get an awesome gaming rig, streaming from any site, Bluray reader/writer, entertainment center and no monthly fees. Oh, and Steam that has sales that put Gamestop's "deals" and used game prices to shame.

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                                        Split screen would be the best thing ever if it came to pc

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                                          YES I AGREE 100% INFINTY WARD LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS SPLIT SCREEN NEED TO BE ON PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (AIM ASSIST TOOO)

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                                                 I do not understand why they would even take out this feature. If you don't want this feature then you do not have to use it. but for those of us who do want it, we can use it. I feel like they must be blind if they have not yet added this feature. But it makes me wonder, maybe Sony or Microsoft (or both) have a contract that says split screen is a console only feature for some mainstream games. Or maybe the companies just give them more money if they keep split-screen to consoles.  And if that is true, well that makes me hate consoles even more.

                                                 Honestly, the split-screen feature on consoles is the only thing keeping me there. I am building a gaming rig right now, but must keep my 360 to play games(like COD Ghosts) with friends who don't have gaming rigs. This is ridiculous. But more and more people are hooking their PCs to their TVs and this is the time to (finally) add this feature. Right before the consoles come out. If split-screen comes into PC after the Next-Gen consoles come out, the people who already bought consoles will realize their mistake (hopefully), but have already bought accessories and games for their consoles. Sure Sony and Microsoft might not get as much money without their consoles, but both companies are involved in PC, and should both advertise the push forward to gaming with PC.

                                                 If all gamers were on the same platform (windows, because the majority of PC gamers do not game on MACs) Think of the sheer simplicity that we would all be thrown into. No more stupid console wars. All of the game companies and developers would only have to focus on and code for 1, maybe 2 (or 3 if you count linux) platforms, instead of up to 5-6 platforms. Devs could focus all of their effort on one platform. Games would be a heck of a lot better, and plus, as said before in this forum, PC prices would go down (more than they already are).

                                                 Some console gamers love the simple plug n' play aspect of consoles. And as I once was an only-console gamer, I understand that. And the Steam-box is the answer (for now) It is a PC that is streamlined and simple like current and Next-Gen consoles. Console players can get just about the same experience on a Steam-box, especially because we can use 360 and PS3 controllers on PC. Some may also say that if consoles go out of business, their controllers will die too. They don't have to. Sony and Microsoft can advertise them as PC gaming controllers and still manufacture them. And even if they do stop making controllers third parties will always make them for PC. And look at the Steam-Box controller, mostly like a console controller, but completely optimized for PC.

                                                 Anyway to wrap things up, Split-Screen should be added to PC, The Steam-Box will bring more console players over, and I believe that somewhere within the next 15 years, companies like Microsoft and Sony will start losing lots of money on consoles, and therefore shut them down. Then the rest of the console players will just have to come over to the light side here on PC. And thanks for posting this Tontonronton, it needed to be said. It also brings up more arguments about Console vs. PC haha.

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                                              How do you plan to connect to mouses to a single PC and force it to see each one as a separate device? Two keyboards?

                                              Gamepad for PC in a first-person shooter is not an option for me.

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                                                  Well personally I've never tried to get more than 1 KB+M working on a single machine windows user, However i know it is sort of possible because of SoftXPand.


                                                  SoftXPand is software that allows you to connect multiple keyboards and mouses and monitors and other devices to a single computer but with completely independent users per monitor, just like having another PC it sort of runs Windows 7 multiple times per monitor, you can set it up to link any device such as your Mouse to which monitor/user you like. It even supports duel screen users.


                                                  I've tried it before it was awesome, managed to get 2 Users on a few games running as a LAN server like Half-Life: Opposing Force and Terraria, it works! and Its just 1 Machine.

                                                  All I'm saying is, although SoftXPand doesn't give you lots of mouse cursors on 1 screen like a Nintendo Wii, I believe its still possible to get multiple KB+Ms (4 Ideally). It just hasn't been done because Microsoft probably has made it hard to hack Windows in this way because Microsoft would make less money because people would need less computers.


                                                  Also BTW some PC split-screen games give player 1 the choice to use KB+M or Controller, i know its considered unfair for the controller users, but its better than being terrible with a controller against controller users. Try Unreal Tournament 3.

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                                                      The problem with using Softxpand is that steam might class this as a external mod  and vac ban some one using it as they wont release a list of external mod programs that are allowed you get the situation that running something like NVidias 3d software on ghost will get you a vac ban or if you run windows multi monitor program  also results in a ban so any thing that would alter the the viewing aspect of a game even if was in the game specks could get you banned perhaps that is why it is removed for the pc versions  ?

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                                                      For me is also not an option... but for my wife KB+M is not her option either (because she doesn't like it, not because it hog the KB+M for me lol)... and I guess a lot of gamers are on the same boat where they would like to play with KB+M but their friends want a controller and not KB+M...

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                                                      some fps games with controller on pc arent that bad perfect for campign games that have aim assist, the only game on pc that has aim assist with xbox controller is far cry 3! and i can actually compete with mouse and keyboard to bad cod ghost mp doesent have it

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                                                        I've just recently made a new post underlining split-screen support for the new COD: Advanced Warfare... check the page out here, and please support the forum with a response Local Split-Screen Multiplayer for PC! c'mon PLEASE!

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                                                          all of you sick people are all POOR. if you want to play with your retarded brother or sister then buy a second PC! what, are you gunna play wasd while your friend plays with the arrow keys? lol. if you counter that by saying i have an xbox controller then where is your console! console is the one with bad graphics and split screen! lol theres no OPTIONS button on xbox. you have to pay for xbox LIVE on xbox LOL. if you truly wanted splitscreen then buy a second pc.

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                                                              I have a second PC, i play with my girlfriend actually. We play Battlefield 4 all the time both with our own KB+M its great, I just want the option to play with her on the sofa with controllers. I also had a 360 and a PS3 and i don't like them for various reasons compared to the PC, i have tonnes of local multiplayer games and split-screen games on PC and I don't want my game library to be separated by platforms anymore, its not being lazy, its ease of access. Music is that way, Films are that way, Games should be too.


                                                              Furthmore I want to invest in a 4K TV for Split-Screen games and PS4 or XboxOne don't support 4K so that's another reason why it should be for PC rather than consoles.

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                                                              Here's some food for thought:

                                                              Why can't the CoD developers create a Split-screen with a twist.

                                                              Have two monitors hooked up and the two players get one each, and then you can configure a mouse and k/b for each player, so essentially like a LAN, but on the same PC, without a network connection.

                                                              Though many PC players wouldn't be able to achieve this I think that just playing with a single monitor and a mouse and k/b for one person and a console controller for the other should be possible.

                                                              I'm very new to the Ghosts forums and I'm unaware on how to contact mods/admins so I'd like it if someone did. I really think that if Treyarch (not IW as they would already be developing the next CoD after AW) implements this into the game after the next than there might be at least a more-so larger amount of converts from consoles to PC.

                                                              This plus Microsoft focusing on PC instead of their consoles should present a fairly good opportunity for PC to rise above at least the Xbox consoles.

                                                              My train of thought is that the CoD games should favor PC more-so because of it's superior performance (most of the time), ability to accomplish more (decent web browsing, customisation (hardware and software wise) and overall freedom), and greater community. Also, brackets in brackets ftw lol.



                                                              • Pro Split-screen for PC,
                                                              • PC Mustard Race!
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                                                                I have finally found people that share my frustration with the PC gaming world. Jesus. The ignorance of all PC gamers to say that there would be no benefit to adding a local split screen insults me. Seeing as I am lumped together with these fools. I truly thought I was the only one that had run into this incredibly easy to fix issue. Seriously. If the console's can do it why can't the "Master Race" make it available. And the other idiots that say it is impossible because you can only use 1 KB+M, well retards it is possible to connect wireless xbox controllers to the PC which would accommodate up to 4 players.The technology is there we are just neglecting to utilize it. It is a shame that the programmers and developers actually have to strip down their work of art to bring it to the PC because this platform does not support Split Screen.

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                                                                  had a quick scan through this post not been on a while nice to see people having an opinion about this. I know I'm not on my own now. I feel the sad truth of the matter is until steam steps up and outbids Sony/microsoft to keep local co-op things will never change. Given how poor next gen consoles are Sony/microsoft have to keep people interested in their consoles and by paying activison to remove local co-op modes forces people to buy on their consoles.  I mean look at left hand side of this conversation and you can see what I mean Xbox 360 and Xbox 1 cases. That should tell you all you need to know.

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                                                                    I find it very wrong can not play multiplayer 4 people offline in Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 for PC. I am outraged by it. I would love to play with my friends at home. I see no advantage to be only online multiplayer.



                                                                    So I ask you guys charitably, please launch a correction patch it.



                                                                    Thank you for your attention.

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                                                                      Made a new post for split-screen support in Black Ops 3, please get involved everyone at this link Add Local Split-Screen to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (PC)