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    Ghosts clan for PS4 (early start)

      If this is the wrong section, let me know as my other thread was deleted, twice (there is no clan forum in Ghosts).


      Now that the PS4 release date has been announced, my friends and I are starting up a new clan for us Aussies/NZ'ers. We are calling it Bloodshot Gaming and are endevering to make it work both socially and competitively and are seeking mature minded people to recruit. If you are dedicated and an avid gamer that posess a competitive edge, we would like to hear from you.


      We have had a page on Facebook and have over 400 likes now but it is now time for us to get this clan functioning for the PS4. We have purchased and launched a professional website for the clan HQ and will be seeking staff positions to help maintain it for both the HQ and Facebook page. Social and/or competitive, we want you!


      Clan HQ: http://bloodshotgaming.com.au/forum/

      Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BloodshotGamingAusNZ

      Clan leaders: Macca_96, Wilkshire, MyOwnInsanity