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    What happened, team?

      I'm sure this has happened to other players and I just want to know 'What happened, team? How did we drop the ball so hard?'


      So, what I'm talking about is when you're playing a game of Domination and your team is just absolutely destroying the enemy team. Theres good communication everywhere-even with a team of randoms, everyone is going for the flags-capping/defending, putting up scorestreaks, and everything is just flowing smoothly.  At the end of the 1st round, we have a very nice comfortable lead with say 140-40.  Yeah, this game is practically in the bag, right? And then the 2nd round starts and it's not like you're playing with the same people.  Suddenly everyone is just going for kills not going for flags, no one is helping me cap anything, everyone has their own agenda, and then we find ourselves being triple capped.  What gives? What happened to the players in the 1st round? Why is that it seems like nobody cares about the game anymore or that we're being triple-capped, or that fact that the enemy team is closing the lead on what was a 100 point lead?  And then we either lose or we barely win. 


      Geez, that's embarrassing, especially when I'm on a team of braggers/trash talkers and we lose.  Still, you have to give credit where its due, so if the enemy wins, congrats to them.  But, team, come on...that game was practically in the bag and we dropped it.  How? Oh, and I like players who leave before the game ends when we're about to lose because they dont want to be embarrassed facing the enemy team.  Way to go.


      Ah, teammates...

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          Re: What happened, team?

          this is why i usually play with friends instead of randoms.



          "The only way to get guaranteed good teammates that you can rely on is to make a full party with friends. I know, sometimes it's easier said"

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            Re: What happened, team?

            Happens many times, team gets comfortable and the enemy begin to actually try to win the match. Makes for some fun times if you keep your cool, had three or four games yesterday like this my team would win the first round, then the enemy decides to make a "come back" and some of those come backs were real close to.

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              Re: What happened, team?

              Happens on TDM too. I was playing yesterday with a team of randoms because most people I used to party up with have either stopped playing or just got rid of the game. Anyway we were leading 65-40 surely 10 more kills and the game is done. Hell no! either my team stopped playing or the other team just somehow got awesome and we lost 74-75..WTF??


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