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    COD Ghosts: Full Perks List

      Many of you may have already seen this on codghosts.net but for those of you who have not seen the website here is a list of all of the perks that will be in COD Ghosts.  (The Number to the right of the perk will be its value) The first perk category is Speed.


      Dexterity (1) Your weapon is ready faster after sprinting.  Slight Of Hand (2) Reload 2x as fast. (probably will be lowered in final version of game.) Agility (2) allows you to walk, and sprint faster than normal.  Marathon (2) Infinite sprint. Stalker (2) Allows you to walk normal speed while aiming.  The second perk category is Handling.  First up is Strong Arm (1) Allows you to throw equipment farther away and also allows you to cook grenades faster.  On The Go (2) Allows you to reload While Sprinting (finally!!!).  Reflex (2) Allows you to swap primary's and secondary's faster. also allows you to use equipment faster.  Steady Aim (2)  Reduces Weapon hip fire bullet spread by 35%.  Quickdraw (2) Allows you to ADS Faster.  The Third Perk Category Is Stealth.


      Takedown (1) When enimies are killed their teamates cannot see the skull icon that would otherwise pop up over the body.  Blind Eye (2) Enemy air support and sentry killstreaks can't see or detect you.  Off The Grid (2) Enemy Sat Com killstreaks and motion detectors, like the Ping perk, won't show you on the enemy radar.  Dead Silence (2) Allows you to walk and jump Almost silently.  Cold Blooded (2) Prevents your name and red crosshares from showing up if an enemy targets you.  Now the next perk category is Awareness.


        Recon (1) Causes enemies damaged by you to be shown as an advanced UAV on the Radar for a little.  Scavenger (2) allows you to replenish ammo from fallen enimies.  Sit-Rep (2) Enemy equipment shows up in red.  Eavsdrop (2) Makes Enemy Footsteps louder.  Wiretap (2) This perk allows your deployed Sat Com killstreak to hack into enemy Sat Coms. Hacked Sat Coms work normally for the enemy, but they also stack as your own Sat Coms.  For example, if you have one Sat Com and the enemy has two, they stack as three Sat Coms for you - this makes the uav sweep faster, Four SAT Coms grants you an Advanced UAV.  The next perk category isResistance.

        Resiliance (1) Allows You to take no fall damage.  Painkiller (2) allows you to regenerate health faster.  Tac-Resist (2) Makes you more immune to tactical grenades like stuns and flashes.  Blast Sheild (2) reduces explosive damage.  The second to last perk category is Equipment.

      Extra Tactical (1) allows you to carry an extra tactical grenade.  Extra Lethal (2)  gives you an extra lethal.  Fully Loaded(2) allows you to carry extra ammo.  Extra Attatchement (2) allows you to have an extra attachment for both your primary and secondary weapon.  Danger Close (3) increases explosion damage.  The final Perk category (Finally) is Elite.

        Gambler (1) allows you to have the game randomly choose a perk for you (the game can even pick a perk that you have already selected, for example if you have strong arm and gambler gambler can pick strong arm again). Hardline (2) allows you to get killstreaks 1 kill earlier. Ping (2) after you get a kill enemies close by to you are revealed on the radar. Overkill (3) allows you to have 2 primary guns.  Deadeye (5) every kill you get your gun gains more damage.

      I hope that this list helped anybody who was curious. like i said i obtained all of this info from codghosts.net and the website also has a weapon list (all of the guns confirmed so far)  As you can see most of the perks are only 2 points meaning 4 perks for 2 points each. in my opinion the deadeye perk may seem amazingly overpowered but Activision and Infinity Ward know what they are doing and your gun damage will only increase by probably 0.10% or maybe even less.  In conclusion i hope this helped anybody who wants more information about Ghosts. i got all of this information from codghosts.net if you wanna go check that website out there is also a weapons list and even a maps list of course there are only a couple maps from what we've seen from the MP Reveal. there are also pictures of the perks and weapons.  If anybody wants to talk about the perks or anything related just reply to the topic.  ATTENTION!! I would just like to add that if you wish to have additional perk spending points you can take off tactical grenades, lethal grenades, attachments and guns E.g. if i have four perks each 2 points i can use one flashbang instead of two maybe to gain another one point perk.



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