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    BO2 is broken? Most BS Kill...

      ...that I've ever done on someone.  I will even admit that this death makes no sense at all and I can't explain what happened.  There is just so many WTF moments to look for that dont make sense and should not have worked like:


      1. Look at when I fire the crossbow and where the enemy is. How did I get the hit marker?

      2. When I zoom in on the body, what is missing?  He was obviously hit, just look at the animation he's in.


      Enjoy the video and sorry for no sound. When I rendered it, the audio was so off.  I had to mute everything and re-render it again.

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          Re: BO2 is broken? Most BS Kill...

          I was once QS'd on Standoff (I've posted this story many times but it's worth repeating). I was sniping in the house next to the tank and haystacks, the QSer was on the balcony across the map. The match was winding down and he was annoyed because I kept killing him over and over.


          So at the end he ran up the steps, dove behind the wall and right as the match ended he stood up and QS'd a hailmary and killed me, OHK to the face.


          Here's what Final Killcam showed:


          This guy stood up, ADS'd and his crosshairs were roughly 20ft below where I was standing (in the window looking out over 'B'). He shot about a foot or two above the ground, even the tracer/vapor trail showed his shot was no where near me and there was even a bullet hold on the wall exactly where he was aiming. At no point in time during the slow motion replay was I even close to his crosshairs, At one point I wasn't even shown on screen.


          Hit detection in this game is a fail. Not sure if it has to do with lag, my story indicates it does not as lag simply mixes from different points in time (aka getting hitmarkers on someone around a corner is when your current crosshair location matches that of the enemy's previous location) but at no point in time was he ever aiming at me, therefore this incident was not a result of lag.


          The only thing I can think is that hit boxes are constantly in flux and move indepdent of the players. Combined with lag we get awful hit detection. In some extreme cases (such as your video) hit boxes can be someone completely different than where the person really is.

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            Re: BO2 is broken? Most BS Kill...

            Good video, lol. Its funny and quite sad. Funny that it was actually a kill, sad that it was actually a kill.

            What can you really say?. I mean this happens more often than you think. I can't help but laugh at the fail that treyarch has done on the lag and hit detection.

            The hit detection is terrible , how many time in a final kill cam have you seen the shooter miss and it still counts as a kill.

            Lag compensation. I never really heard of this before, probably a good reason why i haven't. Its terrible, im not into communism. If you can't afford high speed or live in a rural area, thats not my fault. I pay for the high speed yet i get compensation to bring me down to the slower player. Be nice if treyarch compensated me for the money i put out for faster internet.


            But oh well. With hit detection so bad. The is very luttle need to actually aim down the sights.

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              Re: BO2 is broken? Most BS Kill...

              Yeah, the hit box can be a bit wonky at times, but what gets me is just the way the 3rd arrow was so far from the other 2, how it suddenly changed trajectory in mid air, and how the player was actually killed before anything hit him.


              Only thing I can think of is that its lag and the laser [what comes out you shoot] made contact with the hit box, and there was an animation delay, but the game knew that the 3rd arrow is the one that was the killing arrow and had to correct itself.  It's still BS, though. I should've died.


              I have something similar happen to me on BO1 where I'm running around a corner and someone throws a tomahawk at me for the final kill cam.  When we watched it, you see that Im around the corner when it's thrown, but as the camera follows the tomahawk, it does a sharp turn around corner and hits me.  It didnt hit or bank off of anything. It just turned in mid air and killed me.


              ...I wouldve loved to have seen that sniping death. Sounds horrible. 

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