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      Hey all players!

      I want to make an FBFC a few times (I've never FBFC'd any song yet ). I've seen lots of videos and I think it would be awesome to FBFC a song.

      I want to ask if people are interested in making an FBFC of some songs. I am a expert drummer/guitarist/bassist.


      These songs I can obviously FC:


      - Get Free

      - Afterlife (DLC)

      - Last Resort (DLC)

      - Again


      They are not much, but if it is a normal FullBand it would be awesome too =3


      If you have any suggestions you want to play with me, tell me!

      Make sure that I can play X+, but only double pedal Hard To See parts. Not faster things like Fury of the Storm, This day we Fight, etc... (Same for Guitar/Bass)


      I've also got Smash Hits songs imported to WoR:

      - Caught in a Mosh

      - Cult of Personality

      - YYZ

      - The Trooper

      - Miss Murder (AFI)


      So, anyone want to play? =3