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    Looking for a BOps2 clan on PS3!

      I'm looking to join a clan for BOps2. My k/d isn't great, sitting at a .78. Reason for that being, I've been playing since this game came out, didn't care about my k/d was just playing for fun, and everyone knows once you dig a hole it's hard to get back out. I'm a lot better now and I can guarantee I wont let you down. I'm a loyal teammate and can hold my own both on and offline. If you're looking for a perfect addition to your clan, to get a fresh face and someone who understands the value of teamwork and leadership, I'm your guy. Not to mention if we gel together real well, you not only have added a great teammate, you've gained a loyal friend. I don't have a mic, never had the need to have one (I usually mute mics in public because I get tired of listening to whiny little girls complain and be idiots) but I don't think it'd be too terribly hard for me to get one. Also I just want to make note that I'm 21, I have a job, I have a wife, and I have a 16 month old son, so I don't have an immence amount of time all of the time, but when I do have time, I make room to play some CoD and I'd definitely make time for my team. In my life, time is of the essence. So respond to this thread, find me on PSN WhiteMagic18J is the name, e-mail me: jeffy181991@hotmail.com whatever you gotta do to find me. I'm not saying if you come to me I'll jump to your clan immediately, but I would like a chance to talk with you and see what the group is about and go from there. Thanks for listening!