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    Worste way to die?

      Im talking in general, like bad luck, lag or just plain making a stupid decision.


      Mine has to be bad luck. For example, I was playing today and there were like 3 campers in the second floor on Strike on MW2. I cook a frag for a second and throw it in there and as soon as I throw a dude comes to look out the window and my nade hits him in the face and bounces right back and kills me.


      Or I flank up behind 3 dudes all facing away and one just happens to decide to turn around and see me as I am knifing the first dude.

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          1. Re: Worste way to die?

          I had a care package dropped on top of me earlier today.

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            2. Re: Worste way to die?

            Maybe not the worst but the most annoying way is when a team mate gets in your way trying to steal your tags in KC and getting you killed in the process

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              3. Re: Worste way to die?

              Thats about as bad luck as it gets lol. Ive seen that happen so many times.


              I remember one specific time on MW3 when a dude thru out his carepackage nade at the beginning of the round on SnD. It was on Underground.


              He threw it out, stepped back and crouched down. Just as I look over at the dude his character did the animation where he signals to move foward and right as his character did that the carepackage landed about 10-15 feet in front of him but bounced all the way over to him and crushed him.


              I had to lmao. I mean really tho for a carepackge to land that far away only to bounce all the way to exactly where is seemingly a troll on the games part.

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                4. Re: Worste way to die?

                I thought about making a noob teammate category but it boils down to having bad luck and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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                  5. Re: Worste way to die?

                  Some ******* hit me with a damn crossmap Combat Axe sometime ago now....

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                    6. Re: Worste way to die?

                    I've killed myself with my own EMP grenade with less than 1 kill off of a Warthog on Standoff Domination.


                    We had a VSAT up.  I see an enemy around the corner of Grandma's house from A flag and I'm coming towards them just around the bend. So, I rush in with my R870 and hipfire as soon as I turn the corner and get hit markers.  He stars spraying me his skorpion [I think] and hits me a few times before I'm able to rush pass him, do a quick turn, and blast him again.  So, there I am, seeing a lot of red, and so close to a Warthog. I know I'm hurt badly and dont want to risk anything and I know I only need a few points to get it. So, I decide to throw my EMP grenade over the building towards B and hope to destroy something or get an EMP assist...instead, I completely mess up the throw (dont know how), and instead of going over, it hits the top edge of the roof and bounces back towards me, lands, explodes, and I kill myself. 


                    Oh, I've been killed by my own Escort Drone while it was in the air.  On Hijacked, I see an enemy and I rush to knife him and appearantly, my Escort Drone wanted them first. So, as I'm doing my knifing lunge, the ED shoots and kills them, but since the ED shoots a stream off bullets and I was in the lunging animation, I lunge into the stream of bullets and die.  It was a total WTF moment for me.

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                      7. Re: Worste way to die?

                      Not sure if you could chalk that up to bad luck or just good luck to the enemy lol

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                        8. Re: Worste way to die?

                        Has to be those deaths that are spawn related in some way.


                        Like getting spawned near an enemy who is just coming around a corner behind you or an enemy spawning in a perfect location to come around a corner and kill you as you run past.

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                          9. Re: Worste way to die?

                          exploding vans or barrels.

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