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    GAMESCOM CODGhosts Prestige Edition for free in November!

      I have just got home(uk) from Gamescom 13 and to be honest was not happy with the infinity ward / Activision offering first 500 people to get in on the Thursday a CODGhosts Prestige Edition free in November!  I was happy they where giving them away for free but it was the way it was organised


      my daughter,boyfriend my wife and I where all at the show


      My daughter and her boyfriend got to the entrance of gamescom at about 7:30am and when the doors open they ran to the entrance turnstile they then ran to the hall i think it was number 7(as they had wildcard for Wednesday they knew exactly where to go). they where both really happy as they where easily in the first 100 never mind 500.

      Now this is where it all went wrong

      one of the pit bosses came out and said that's it all free Ghosts Prestige Editions have now gone and there is a four hour wait!!!!


      looking back at 9am whilst waiting in the queue outside the media/press where aloud in which means all media and press got free copies which they normally get anyway.


      so this rant is aimed at you at the top of these events why oh why would you put the people who make your game the Biggest Game at the bottom of the chain. surely the whole 500 free copies was a publicity stunt. on behalf of my daughter thanks for nothing and she probably will make a complaint to yourselves and to gamescom.


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