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    Looking for a person who is interested in making a clan for blops2 on PS3

      Looking to start a ps3 Black Ops 2 clan. I'm looking for 1 person from the USA that is experienced with clans and knows the back bone of them as in exactly what we need to do to get started and be successful. To apply for the job reply to this post, look me up on psn WhiteMagic18J or e-mail me jeffy181991@hotmail.com E-mail is the preferable way to get a hold of me. Also hoping this person has a decent gaming history with a good k/d ratio. Whoever the person is that gets the position, I'm looking to making that person the co-leader of the clan, giving them full rights to anything and everything in the group with a vote between that person and I until we get members and ranks set up. So if you think you're up to the challenge of getting a clan of your own and are interested. Get a hold of me and let's work something out.