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    BlessTheCursed clan is now looking for recruits on PS3!!

      Hey, we are a level 16 Black Ops II clan and Level 3 Mw3 clan, for the ps3 system that are actively recruiting new players.


      We require the following:


      MUST be over 15 years of age, any lower and we will not accept you.


      MUST have a Kill:Death ratio of around 1.00 (0.9 ACCEPTED)


      MUST use your mic if you have one.


      MUST state how many hours you can give to the clan.


      MUST sign up to our clan site, benefitted by members, for members.




      We are openly recruiting, all players, of every type.


      We are not a "sniping clan" We dont accept "cheaters of any form".

      We are mostly mature and adult based clan, looking for natural leaders and loyal members. As stated previously, there is a 15+ requirement.


      Make sure to apply here -> https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/9348693#


      And to sign up here -> http://blessthecursed.guildlaunch.com/


      Our "Clan Tag" is Gold, and is "BtcD"