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    new drop, old perk , and new way to turn on power.. god dam

      Yes people this map was in the making from the start of tranzit, prob earler.. but all the other maps were kinda shitty compared to bo1 maps but they were because this map has not came out yet, well atleast till tommorow!!

      SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      There are i think 6 generators and they each turn on perks and equipments around them. activate them by going to the middle of the circle and press b. then must stay in the cirlce for about 10 seconds while new improved zombies spawn and come at you, when you leave the cirlce it stops count but return and it continue.


      a perk a cola for 1500 points that radomly give you a perk, but like the box it moves and dont know if it changes or leaves like quick revive.


      phd is back


      new drop that turnes you into a zombie for 30 seconds. Do not know yet if its the one who pickes it up or every1 but for a gess it would be the person who picks it up first, just like the meat from giref.


      4 mistoryious stafs that shoots out the 4 elements: fire, water, earth, air.  each player may have one after you find the parts and power or charge them up.


      Zombie shield is back


      new buildable maxious horn or sumthing like that, enolves 2 parts


      the zombie stepping on you is really epic way to go down. FINALLY no more downs from a single crawler, time to get stopped on by 1000 foot robot. I think if ur outside and you see the robote comming to your area, you just get into a bunker for underground and you might be safe.


      Thanks and dont bit#h, ur on this post cuz u wanna know, no hate all love and can wait till i get back from work 2morrow