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    The Most Important Element: Fun.


      I see the threads every day. People complaining about Weapons, Perks, Game Modes... you name it. People complaining about Playstyles. Trashing eachother over various perspectives on certain aspects of the game. Don't get me wrong, all of this is important to the gaming experience. But it seems we've forgotten about the reason Video Games were introduced to begin with: Fun.


      Plain and simple, FUN.


      What happened to it? Don't get me wrong, I have had good times in Black Ops II and MW3, but it just seems that as the Series continues forward, both the Developers and the Community are forgetting that the game is just simply supposed to be fun. I've had fun because I've made it fun for myself, but even so, the past two titles there just seems to be something missing that takes away from the experience it used to be.


      So what is it? What has been lacking? Where has the fun gone?


      A lot of it, of course, is just the changing dynamics and demographics of the community. A very vocal portion of the community seems to think the game exists to bolster their egos, get ratings on their YouTube or Twitch Channels, to ruin the experience for others (or Troll if you will), to exploit glitches, or just not play in the spirit of the game. We can't fix that, but we can do our part not to participate in it and report violations where necessary.


      So what can the Devs do to bring the fun back? A few thoughts-


      1) Matchmaking/Party System- Oddly enough, this has become worse and worse with each game. I want to play the game. I want to play with friends. It shouldn't take up most of my play time (which is increasingly limited) finding a match or trying to connect with friends. Make it so we can get on, party up, and get into a match.


      2) Increase enforcer presence- Add more report options to the game and help rid the community of those breaking the rules on a grander scale. Security should be a top priority, and while not easy in a community this large I think efforts can be made to crack down on boosters, hackers, glitchers, and other nefarious types who ruin the fun for everyone else.


      3)Spawn System- It isn't any fun to be spawn killed or spawn trapped constantly. Sure Good players can break spawn traps, but when a map is designed such that players spawn in front of someone else regularly, there is a problem.


      What am I missing? What do you think the problem has been? Why does it seem as though the fun factor of CoD games has been on the decline? Or am I wrong? Would love to hear your thoughts, and as always, request you keep it civil. We want discussion, not trash talk or fighting.

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          You are missing how the game changed to make kill streaks the most important factor of a match and how uav spam has become worse because then previous games. and how you die faster then in previous titles. Everyone seems to want kills/dots handed to them, and they want people to die in 1-2 rounds so they dont have to worry about running low on ammo ever and getting a new gun.


          Lets not forget about the general map size becoming smaller because of all the rushers not being able to handle larger maps. And lets not forget esports and how the developers are trying to make this a competitive game to basically draw in that market for future sales.


          It is no longer about gaming for fun with friends but being a tryhard, having to try and be the best and alwasy beat everyone so you can smack talk about it after the match.

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              So being a tryhard is a bad thing?

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                  To those just seeking to relax and have fun with friends it can be. Not everyone wants to have to take the game so serious and make a life and death issue as so many that act as tryhards do. Sure it may be fun for some; but not for all that play the game. It should not be a requirement to play the game or for it to be fun.


                  This is just an electronic media entertainment, not reality, it is meant to be played to relax and forget about real lifes issues not add to then by having to worry if your better than someone else all the time. And that is one of the reaosns competitive gaming does not do well in this game. The focus should not be on stats but on the fun and enjoyment of playing the game itself. Yes to some stats and ego pandering/bragging is fun; but for a lot of players it is not.


                  With so many new stats to track and the higher amounts of streaks to get and brag about the focus of the game has changed drastically form what it was in the begining. With yt making QS/TS be cool and the new trendy thing to do it changed Cod away form the roots of what made it fun for everyone else.


                  If you need to play a game to brag about your stats to prove your better than someone else then a person has some serious priority issues in life and probably never learned what simple fun was or is about. This world and game has become too much about being the top being elite, being the best, being better than everyone else at any cost and that is really not a good thing to tell the truth.

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                      So would a Trueskill ranking sytem be worth seperating those that are bad and those that try?  I would say so from what you are saying that this is a great option.

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                          The problem is TS does not work as it should and this game does not really use a TS system. in a real TS system players would go up and down in rank as they won and loss but in regular game that cannot happen becuase of the level and unlock system this game uses. Plus TS systems are notorious for people boosting in them or selling boosted acounts such as what happened in Halo 3 alot. Which was why Halo Reach hid the TS rating and did not show it as a number as was previously done in Halo 3. But with the removal of the 50 people became disapointed for they did not have something to brag about nearly as much they just had a division which did not make them any more special than anyone els in that same division.


                          TS systems while good in idea usually do not work out well in many games.


                          Plus you are assuming that those that do not try hard are bad players and that is not always the case either. There are some very good players that just play casually because that is what they prefer to do more in the game then be a tryhard all the time.

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                              It wasn't the removal of the 50 skill system that people were only disappointed in, it was more of the fact that their hidden skill system was useless, like CODs, and that they made the skilled players suffer when they spammed the DMR because of the "recoil", bloom.


                              I think that IW and ATVI could actually pull a much better TS system than Bungie did.  It has been a good 6 years now and technology has changed drastically.  I would rather see a ranking system similar to WoW's arena rating.  You get matched with and against people within a percentage your rating.


                              It isn't just tryhards that have big egos, so please stop saying that only tryhards are the ones that ego boost or trash talk.

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                                  The hidden system was the 50 system just not shown anymore. It still worked off the same basic principles as the the 50 did.


                                  Oh I remember all the cries about bloom and how so many of the so called better players cried about it and wanted it changed to force the bullets to the outside of the ring to prevent the random ocassional headshot from happening.


                                  Both bungies and Cods does try to do that but when there is not enough playing the list it is not always possible so it has to allow differences or there would never be a full lobby.


                                  yes your true it is not only the tryhards but they do it the most it seems. Not often do you see many causal gamers talking trash for they dont care about it enough to do so. they are playing the game just for fun and only talk trash when they feel they are being cheated by the connection and hit detection issues the game has.


                                  There are some very good competitive players that are polite and even treat people decently but unfortunately for everyone or two of them there is five or six that think trash talking makes them look good it seems. A little braging now and then about winning is ok but when you put down the other team for loosing or start acting like gods gift to gamers as some have done is when it gets beyond stupid. It is the few that make the many unliked when it happens.

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                                      trialstardragon wrote:


                                      The hidden system was the 50 system just not shown anymore. It still worked off the same basic principles as the the 50 did.

                                      Trust me the hidden system didn't work.  I was the highest level(50) on HaloCharts, yet I was getting ranked with people <30 a lot of the time.


                                      But I really am just tired by pubstomping these days.  I want a challenge and that is what a trueskill system normally did for me.  Nothing better than having work as a team to achieve a common goal, something that has been lost in the last 6 years in multiplayer gaming.  You don't have the cooperation now, like in the old days.


                                      Either way I will enjoy the game.

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                                          What you say about team play not being like it was is very true. You can partially blame that on YT and everyone trying to be the star of the show for their uber awesome leet qs/ts montages to post on yt and the over importance of so many different stants. When only one stat should ever really have mattered win/loss.


                                          I dont have a problem with people that want or like the challenge, I have a problem with those of either group that go about and then act like they are far superior than anyone else no matter what. It is those that ruin the game for everyone in general by giving competitive players and overal distasteful feel in most peoples mouths. Feels as if you bit in to something rotten when you have to deal with them.


                                          One bad apple to spoil the pie ya know.

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                                              I hear you. Thing is the term "tryhard" is probably one of the lamest ones the community has come up with, basically just to describe anyone who tries and beats them, rather than the dbags that are disrespectful regardless. I don't like those either, but calling them tryhards is annoying because then people get stuck on this notion that trying to win is uncool or something. I mean I was playing League Play the other day and my teammates (ransoms) are struggling, so they say "these kids are trying so hard to win" and I'm just smh. Is that not the point? Especially in LP? That's part of why I have a problem with the term tryhard. It doesn't even correctly describe the people they're referring to, it just makes people think its lame to cruelly up forth effort. Even if its a game, people try and that's a good thing. I know that sometimes my friends and I just play public matches for fun, not too concerned with losing, but to go on the other end and say that trying is lame or something is ridiculous lol but anyway like I said I don't like it when people are dbags or bragging like crazy. Show some class is what I'm thinking.

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                                                  People confuse :"Tryhard" with "A**hole".


                                                  There is a difference. I could say the same thing about those who get into matches and don't try at all.

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                                                    I can see your point of view and yes the term tryhard is a bad choice. but really you should not be trying hard, you should just be playing. the trying to win should be part of the playing and not need to be something different.


                                                    there is no real good word that can be used to describe the other kinds of players so tryhard was accepted as the general term for anyone that takes the game too serious and acts like it is a life and death issue if they win or loose.


                                                    Winning should be a bonus to playing the game not the only reason to play the game. I am just old fashioned in my idea's because I have been playing games over 30 years. Back before there was no online play or stats or scores to worry about so much. You played just for fun to beat the game period. You took your mistakes and loses and learned from them and did not rage over them or blame it on other things or people.


                                                    Back when arcades where still the big thing I used to play against a few people constantly that usally beat me at games like tekken and mk and ki. But I kept coming back, eventually one day one showed me a few different things about what I did wrong and made it so easy for them to win all the time. After that they didnt win as often and we both had an even greater fun time seeing who could outsmart the other. We didnt smack talk each other about it, we played and had fun no matter if we won or lost.


                                                    Today's gamers are sp obessed over stats and winning all the time it is like they dont know how to have simple fun anymore. If they are not winning its not fun, if they dont have stellar stats its not fun anymore.

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                                    Some very good points.


                                    I do try hard, just because it is more fun for me if I am doing well, and winning is always fun. Competition gets my blood flowing.


                                    I don't, however, talk trash or smack talk after the match. Just like on the playing field, once I step out from between the lines the game is over.

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                                        Granted for some it is fun for you want the extra challenge and feel good when you succeed. But some just like to play no matter what the results turn out to be win or lose does not matter it was how you played the game.


                                        It is all this ego pandering bragging that ruins the game for many. All the need to be elite to be special and above everyone. Orginally stats were basically a means to track how you did and if you improved or not, now it is used to brag and boost ego and pride and vanity over something the majority of the rest of the world does not give a damn about. Which makes it pointless really.

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                                        just saying who doesnt tryhard. People dont die because its fun, no matter what gun they use whether its a pistol or a sniper they will try to get kills or win. So you cant get mad just because there using an op weapon. You can use that weapon too. You are not mad at people being tryhard but being skilled at the game.

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                                            Who doesnt tryhard? Me, the win is a bonus a not a requirement to play and have fun. I dont try to win, even we get it fine if not fine. I am not mad at people being skilled at the game at all if you think that you really have no clue about who I am or why I play games at all. There are no Op weapons in the game just easy weapons and people that know how to use them to the most effective means.


                                            So before you try and judge me try and think again, for you really have no clue on how or why I play the game at all.

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                                          To be honest, I don't think it has anything to do with the game, it's just really the player in my opinion.


                                          Go back to the time you first played COD. Were you so frustrated with the game opposed to how you are now with the game?


                                          I remember my first time playing COD1 on PC. I was terrible but yet I could play for hours and not care about how I did.

                                          8 COD titles later and I don't experience the same "fun" I did when I first played COD because once you're getting better at the game, you're also getting annoyed by certains aspects of the game that you wouldn't have found annoying back when you first played COD. Back in COD4, I could care less about Last Stand or Martyrdom. These days, its annoying to me.


                                          8 COD titles later - I get annoyed whenever I lose a match or when I die to something that annoys me whether it is a deathstreak, a weapon or an attachment or connectivity. I guess it's just once you start caring so much about the game, you start to get annoyed and you aren't having fun.


                                          In lobbies, I notice how players who just bought his first COD title are probably having more fun than me because they're laughing, not a sound of frustration even though they aren't doing so well.


                                          I guess it depends on how seriously you take the game as it influences how much fun you have when playing COD.

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                                              Part of it, I think... But for me it was a different cycle.


                                              I first got serious on MP on World at War, then got COD4. I wasn't very good in either, but could have cared less, I was having fun and got better with time.


                                              MW2 at first was NO fun for me with all of its issues. I actually put it away and was never going to play again. Watched a video, I think it was Ken Burton(?) about Hardcore Mode. Had never tried it, so put the game back in, found HC very much to my liking and a lot of the issues resolved from MW2's launch, and ended up making a lot of new friends, reconnecting with old ones, and becoming a decent player by the time it's cycle was over.


                                              Black Ops was a revelation for me. Really loved that game and how it fixed a lot of the issues from MW2. Everything about that game was just awesome for me, especially the addition of Bots. Really helped me develop my game and was the first CoD I had a positive K/D in. Problem was.. I got a little TOO into keeping it positive. I played... A LOT. And I found myself stressing about it. Raging way too much. Took a break from it, and when I came back really had a different perspective on it. I just decided to have fun, no matter what. Even changed my Clan Tag to (FUN). Loved that game and played it long after it's life cycle was over.


                                              Took the same attitude into MW3, and though it wasn't really my style I took the same attitude and really ended up enjoying it. Was doing well in it until I moved, got a new TV and struggled with input lag. When I got my Monitor, my game changed and improved greatly.


                                              BO2 I went into just wanting it to be good and have fun. And... I have. Doing better than any CoD game I have ever played. Top of the leaderboard more often than not.. and without a significant amount of rage (We all have our moments). But, for whatever reason... it just wasn't as fun. My friends disappeared from the game, and I have had to play in small groups or lone wolf way too often. It just seems to have a different feel. With past CoD games, I just couldn't get enough. With BO2... I play for a while, then say "Ok, thats enough."


                                              Could be me, but I don't know that I am alone in feeling like something has changed.

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                                              I have always played COD for the fun of it. I don't care about KDR, stats, rank, etc. Couldn't give a flying fandango. Specifically, I don't want to be placed in a match based on my rank. That will lead to crappy gameplay all over again. Especially while I'm playing on XB360. I just want to play the game. Give me the choice of joining based on locality. The best way to cut down on lag is to be matched with players close by. When the day comes where I'm playing on an XB1 then maybe I'll choose to play people with similar rank. Either way, give us the choice and everyone will be happy. 


                                              Until I get an XB1 I'll have to take increased lag into consideration. I'm hoping that IW works out the lag issues enough so that my initial experience with Ghosts on my XB360 will be a better one then its been with BO2. Even when I play future COD titles on the XB1, I will be playing purely for the fun of it. If I do decide to share my games on YouTube, it will be for the fun or if I want to share problems I'm having with the game.


                                              Fun. That's why I play.

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                                                From personal experience I usually get matched with better players when I play Black Ops 2 and my friend reported the same thing. When ever I play with a party or join one of my friends that isn`t so good at the game, it feels like everyone on the other team has stupid syndrom or something.


                                                I know that COD2 (at least in ranked matches), and COD4 had a trueskill ranking system that was independent of you XP rank. I`m guessing that the other COD iterations have continued this tradition.


                                                Also agreed with the OP fun is the most important thing. Games should be fun first. Stuff like competitive play should be a little further down the line imo.

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                                                  I still play for fun. I only can't stand some small isseus like boosters en people just not playing.
                                                  People that go 2-24 5 games in a row. They do something wrong. When I started playing I wasn't that bad 5 games in a row.

                                                  The last couples of days I finally came in a shotgun groove. Only used the r870 to gold and rest only for a couple of kills. Just wasn't working but know. Getting 3000+ to 4000+ kc games

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                                                      I play for fun as well... the question was, really... What can the devs do to make the games more fun....

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                                                          the fun went out the window as soon as they started catering this game to bad players.to make it sooo easy for little johnny and his split screening school friend to pick up a controller and play well.uav spam,split screening in hc,easy killstreaks,ridiculous hip-fire accuracy,the removal of need for the left trigger,running and spraying dead accurate.one hit kill remingtons even whilst equipped with a supressor,maps as big as a telephone box...repackaged DLC that ive already bought years ago.....the list goes on and on.there was a time when it took a reasonable amount of skill and hard work to be decent at this game.now all it takes is a smg and spray.(Rant over)

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                                                        This is a great post! Totally agree with you...people do seem to be taking it too seriously. I play for fun too, but then ive always stayed in the private sector where i feel most of the fun is. I think even in the cod 4 days people still took it serious. I find fun lovers on every lobby tho, if you talk you will find em, then put em on your friends list and go private.

                                                            I think fun comes from satisfaction, not just for winning, but blowing up the best player with a claymore or taking him out with an assault rifle coz he cant get you from across the map by hipfiring his smg!

                                                            In other words the devs need to balance the gun properly so picking the right gun for you and the map is crucial NOT POINTLESS. And cut down player speed so claymores catch people and not miss all the rushes that are afe so long as they are sprinting!!

                                                          Fun is balanced so players that arent good may not win but can atleast still enjoy the game...