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    Offline Features

      I am incredibly stoked for this installation of COD. I have heard a lot of about Call of Duty: Ghots, but I can only really tell how good it is when I get my hands on it in November. But I haven't heard anything about Ghosts offline multiplayer mode. I have a few questions about it. Feel free to answer if you know anything:


      - Will there be XP and progression offline? Like in the MW series or are they taking that out all together?
      - Will we be able to make our own squads offline?
      - If so, will we still be able to play all squad modes?

      - Will the new emblem editor be available offline in Ghosts?
      - If we do get to make our own squads offline, will me and say, a friend be able to compete against each other with our created squads.


      And I think thats it for now. I will update it if I have anymore questions. Feel free to comment or answer or whatever you please