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    A theoretical ORIGINS Explanation----- including ending.




      CONTROLLER: So in ORIGINS Samantha is in the MPD. The reasoning behind this is that when Maxis enters the MPD in Buried through the MAXIS EE he sends Richtofen into a rotting decomposing zombie form, leaving SAMS body in the MPD allowing Maxis to bring back his daughter from Richtofens body into her own which is in the MPD.


      PLOT: Basically in ORIGINS Samantha using her MPD powers uses time travel to go back to when the first pieces of ELEMENT 115 were discovered in the Dig site near the French trenches and brings the main characters their in their current 1918 state. She does this because she realizes what will happen in the events after she becomes controller and all of the destruction that Edward and her father have done to Earth. She wants to reverse everything and somehow be released from the alternate universe in the MPD where she controls everything so that all the horrid events that follow are destroyed.


      ZOMBIES: The soldier ones are obviously SAM controlled, she has no choice to control because without a controller they go out of control though with them she controls their actions to attack the main characters so they will die and not continue with completing the future  but she is also hoping that the main crew may be able to complete her tasks.




      Nikolai: confused at whats going on. Has been teleported in the middle of a ZOMBIE infestation


      Dempsey: Same as ^


      Takeo: Same as ^ but seems to be a little more focused...


      Maxis: Since in this time period Maxis is alive he is teleported out of the MPD to these trenched in his 1918 state. He has studied here before but Maxis does get infected in the zombie mix. After his brain is put in the MAXIS DRONE he does seem to communicate through electronics just like before.PROOF OF STUDYING- audio logs


      Richtofen: Richtofen, on instinct cuts open the now infected Maxis to experiment with the brain. Than something clicks in him and he becomes unaware of whats going on, possibly the future Richtofen from Buried is taken from his zombie state and brought to his past self by a spirit Maxis or some other force. This richtofen does remeber who Sam as he mentions in a quote "Her name is Samantha."


      ATMOSPHERE: The diesel punk crazy 1918 WW1 universe could be the work of a paradox that was created when SAM brought the characters back to 1918. The  robots could be just mindless or controlled by Maxis? That is undetermined as of now.


      ENDING: WE DONT KNOW IF IT IS LEGIT BUT IF IT IS THAN HERES MY THEORY. So basically during the lost girl easter egg something happens where Sam and Richtofen and Maxis are reunited in the MPD and Richtofen is in a younger state and all of the other crew have been teleported and away and memory wiped or something like that. Richtofen has been age reduced so SAM can have someone to play with OR to make sure he doesnt go insane later on. THE MPD to them is an alteration of the MAXIS house and to control the zombies and people they use figures. So the end cinematic takes place in the MPD. When MAXIS calls them down to the basement and the sam says he has a plan that plan could be to try and fix the parodox and fully resolve everything.




      The whole frickin story line was CHILDS PLAY! And  OR than for some reason it inspires MAXIS by them playing with toys




      Right ORIGINS seems to be a confusing storyline. Hopefully some of my theories are correct.