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    Origins Easter Egg Steps (Simple, Incomplete, Spoilers)

      All rights for this goes to: FineNerdsS7


      Step 1:


      Build the Phonograph:


      - Get Disc (Tank Station near Generator 2)

      - Get the Phonograph


      Build the 4 staffs:


      Fire Staff:


      - Get disc

      - Shoot down plane (Has to be raining)

      - Kill Panzer Soldat

      - Reward


      Wind Staff:


      - Get disc (Near Generator 6)

      - Go inside of Odin, Thor, and Reiya


      Thunder Staff:


      - Get disc

      - Collect parts from the platforms via tank


      Ice Staff:


      - Get disc

      - Dig up dig sites (Has to be snowing out)



      After crafting all 4 staffs, pick them up and Samantha will say that step 1 is complete.


      "My father couldn't save me, you can. He promised me. When the final steps are taken, the gate to Agartha are going to open. My father said the staffs aren't powerful enough. The power is in the ancient rituals. Go into the chamber of secrets. This is step 1"


      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------


      Step 2:


      Go to the Crazy Place with all 4 staffs and solve the 4 riddles




      - Fill the cauldrons by killing zombies near the cauldrons with the fire staff




      - Align the symbols properly with the wind staff


      Credits: JHubx





      - Play the piano in order corresponding to the chords on the wall with the lightning staff (Treble Clef)




      - Hit the symbols in the correct order with the ice staff, the blue block on the wall has some representation as to which order you need to do it in.


      After, place the tablets, located in the tank station by spawn, inside the holy water located within the church. When all 4 tablets are placed you will need the new Bracers, rewarded from the box. You then go to the holy water and punch it


      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------


      Step 3:



      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------


      Unknown Step:


      You need to get all 4 elemental orbs...


      You will find 3 yellow circles around the map:


      - Generator 6

      - 1 in the tunnels

      - Other one is unknown


      You will need the Maxis Drone to destroy the 4 yellow circles for a later part of the EE


      There are 3 torches under the church:


      When you find them, there are the numbers on the wall, the torches are on top of them, shoot them with the Staff of Fire in the correct order.


      Order: *unknown*


      There are 3 tombstones around the map:


      When you find them, you will shoot them with the Staff of Ice and they will glow blue-ish/purple and you shoot it with a regular weapon to destroy it