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    xbox360 BO2 Free agent

      XBLGT: Mr 1HungHi
      looking for a competitive elite team that plays zombies, core, hardcore, serch, and hopefully gamebattles or clan scrims.
      ++ i'll play any gamemode, also looking for a doubles partner.

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          Re: xbox360 BO2 Free agent

          Aegis Elite [aE] is an  organization that supports competitive and casual opportunities for Xbox  360 - Call of Duty gamers. We have no age limit, per se, but we are  seeking mature gamers only. Our competitive teams are active on GB and  CoD League. In addition, the [aE] competitive strategy operates two  challenge aspects to keep our teams sharp. First, we accept all  challenges from other gaming clans. Second, we regularly challenge other  clans to competitive matches between the best of theirs and ours. If  you're an active gamer and are looking to get out and test your  skills...we want you on our team.


          The  Aegis Elite casual side is a source of continuous entertainment. No  raging, drama, or BS you'll find in other clans. Our casual crew keeps  gaming fun and enjoyable...all the while destroying our opponents. We're  a unique group of friends that have met online and built a really  awesome atmosphere. The only piece missing is you.


          And  the best part is there's no crazy forms or trial periods or changing of  gamer tags. We just want you to be a part of a group that is serious  about competition and having fun without egos and hassles.


          If this is what you're about...Aegis Elite is your family. Hit us up at:




          We look forward to playing with you!



          Aegis Elite [aE]

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