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    Can we go prone in Cod Ghosts while running

      I would like to know if we can go prone while running like in MW3 in cod ghosts. I do not like the sliding in cod ghosts, i would rather just go prone and kill my target instead of sliding past my target and getting shot in the back.


      Do we have the option to go prone and disable the slide function. Don't get me wrong but the slide function looks fun but for the hardcore pro gamers like me the slide function is not effective, it takes way too long and we are more likely to lose our target while sliding.


      MW3  prone is more effective because I can just go prone kill the target and get back up and keep running but with the cod ghosts sliding even if i kill my target i will still be sliding across the map for a few more seconds for no reason, by this time i would like to be on my feet running for the next kill not sliding.