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    What Annoys You?

      There's a few things that annoy the crap out of me when it comes to this game. Like if you have a good game and you're back in the lobby people are calling you a hacker. Not doing the objective like DOM or Hardpoint you go capture them not run around knifing people like you're on TDM that get's me. Another thing that is funny right now is jumping that cracks me up jumping is the new drop shot which is annoying and funny as well cause when the person get's killed their screaming in the mic. I'm sure there are other thing's but for whatever reason I can't of that many so feel free to comment.

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          1. Re: What Annoys You?

          The things that mostly annoys me are...  team mates getting in my way and getting me killed because of it.

          Someone taking my Ballistic knife, after killing me and then camping somewhere with it to try and get kills.

          Kids that scream down their mic (like they're being slaughtered) after you've killed them.

          And people that suddenly crouch and move really slow while aiming down their sights right at the start of the game, as if anyone can get over to the side of the map you're on that f**king quick.

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            2. Re: What Annoys You?

            IMFLIPPINAWESOME wrote:


            There's a few things that annoy the crap out of me when it comes to this game.

            People who complain way too much annoy me.

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              3. Re: What Annoys You?

              I wouldnt say it drives me crazy but Ive always noticed people doing what you described in your last sentance. It does kind of drive me crazy when I get stuck on them lol. Im out trying to get First Blood and I got places to be. Its the worste in SnD too because it disrupts my rythm and makes me feel like im off to a bad start.

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                4. Re: What Annoys You?

                You beat me to it.

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                  5. Re: What Annoys You?

                  Haha! yeah getting stuck on them is annoying.

                  I know some people like to play cautiously, but that just takes the piss. xD

                  I'm a knifer, use lightweight, extreme conditioning and have my sensitivity at 14, so I hate it when I get stuck by someone and can't move as fast as I'd like too.

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                    6. Re: What Annoys You?

                    everything, guns are **** maps are **** etc etc

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                      7. Re: What Annoys You?

                      What I hate is little wannabe Navy Seals that are 8 - 10 years old talkin trash.  I heard a kid the other day that couldn't possibly be more than 5 or 6, he still couldn't even speak the language properly properly. So far BO2 has the best mute system of the previous versions. One slight improvement would be the option to opt in and have "mute all but party" as the default 

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                        8. Re: What Annoys You?

                        You know what really bothers me? The morons who play this game


                        Phase 1: Enter the lobby and talk sh*t. "You suck"..."your KD/SPM/WL suck"..."you only use 'x' you're bad"

                        -proceed to get demolished game one


                        Phase 2: Excuses. "Nice lag"...."camper"..."cool hacks bro"...."you got lucky"....."I wasn't trying"...."my team sucked (even though I went 6-50)"

                        -proceed to get demolished again


                        Phase 3: Childish, unoriginal insults. "Your mom ____"....."No life virgin____"....."You're gay"...

                        -back out when not placed on a "winning" team

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                          9. Re: What Annoys You?

                          Well damn you didn't leave anything for me to cover.

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