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    How hard is Origins?

      Hey. Sadly, I don't have Origins because I have PS3. I think, that you played so much origins zombies :-) and you can tell me how hard is origins?

      Harder than Mob of The Dead? Or Origins?

      I hate Die Rise and Buried because these maps are too easy :-(

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          Re: How hard is Origins?


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            Re: How hard is Origins?

            Well it is a bit hard but once you can get to leavel 15 it's not so bad

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              Re: How hard is Origins?

              If you hated Die Rise and Buried because they were too easy, then you will like Origins.  It's very challenging at first when you're figuring everything out, but it gets easier when you start learning everything and create a strategy.  There are also a few challenges and obstacles that pop up every few rounds and you constantly have to be aware of where the robots are.  The easter egg is by far the toughest ee on ANY Black Ops zombies map.  Everything about the map is very Mob of the Dead like to me.  If you love the zombies and don't mind a challenge, this is definitely the map for you.

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                Re: How hard is Origins?

                No map is hard on solo. Origins is the sh*t, son. I freakin love it.They brought back having to train your zombies, unless you get the ultimate staves, then you could just camp the bottom of PaP.

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                    Re: How hard is Origins?

                    Ninjambie wrote:


                    No map is hard on solo. Origins is the sh*t, son. I freakin love it.They brought back having to train your zombies, unless you get the ultimate staves, then you could just camp the bottom of PaP.



                    I love the map too!  I could do without the small robot dudes though, they make my life miserable.


                    I'm soooo NOT a camper, I find it extremely boring.   I enjoy rounding the zombies up in a train and killing them and this map does have some great places for that.  However it also has the Tank, which allows for a fun style of camping.  4 people with Thunder Fists and Staffs riding around, holding it down can be lots of fun.


                    So far my biggest gripes are:


                    1. No EMPs in the box to allow for 4 players in a long game to take a simultaneous break.

                    2. Not being able to get all 8 perks...

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                    Re: How hard is Origins?

                    Origins is very hard till i'd say round 10, the part that makes it hard though is the panzer soldat, if you don't know about him  yet, the panzer soldat has a flamethrower and a claw and he will not hessitate to kick the f*cking sh*t out of you. As for the map, everything about it is beautiful, the PAP camo, the crazy place, the snow, rain, and fog, it all looks and feels smooth and amazing. I really think you'll enjoy the map, it's a great one.

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                      Re: How hard is Origins?

                      Tbh I found it to be a huge disappointment. I wish I never bought the DLC. That 15 dollars could have went to something better like three bottles of Arbor Mist or gas for my car. 

                      Not to mention, man, I said I would be done with Zombies if they brought the old crew back without properly finishing the new crews story. I knew I should have not let the allure of giant Pacific Rim bots and Bid Daddy's change my mind. I knew they were going to up the ante on difficulty and I was ok with that. But it's just like MOTD I can do really good, but once I go down because some BS like someone running through my training spot and screwing me over, it's all down hill. I'll ask them to hold a zombie and once I get close to jug or ammo so I can rebuild they'll kill it and I'm then stranded in a tight spot with nothing, but a knife or default pistol and you ain't gonna be able to do s**t with that.  A lot friendships were severed from Mob and  I'm not going to go through it again with Origins.

                      The lack of perk machines is also annoying. WHY!  In the name of F*CK would they put Stamin-up  in the map instead of Double tap? Because of the mud? I can hop that sh*t. That put the last bullet in this game for me.  Don't f*ck with my Double Tap because  I'll be  goddamn if I'm wasting my time on that random perk machine to get it.

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                          Re: How hard is Origins?

                          After you get 115 headshots and go back the the challenge chest in the first room you get a free double tap. 

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                            Re: How hard is Origins?

                            im defending and saying its the most fun iv had on zombies in time, irregardless of the story not being to everyone's taste.


                            it brings a lot of thoughtful thinking into the game if you do want to make it far.. A lot of replay value here for players who aren't as up to speed as some.

                            its getting easier as I play, but its the first map from the whole list of dlc thats downed me by round 8 in rapid succession


                            i love it! Double tap is your 5th perk after completing the challenge from the box, so my strat is now jug, stamin, speed, and either qr or whatever comes out the fizz.


                            i love the melee! Those fists are cool.. And when you upgrade them they're cooler still. And I think the staffs are a good addition, offers choice in a game so you don't burn out as fast.. And stops team mates from complaining if they don't have something awesome to use!


                            just the way these challenges are completed means you have to be on the ball and moving fast and efficient, otherwise you can be left hanging and struggling to cope with the masses.


                            i also love the shovel! And even more the helmet! Oh and the air strike grenades make me smile lots..


                            downed teammates are no problem with the u staffs, or drone. 'wel get you with the drone' just keeps randoms in the game that little bit longer I think


                            max ammo acquired by saving the generators from Templars are handy, so is the drop you can keep in your box.


                            and last but not least, the panzer soldat. Perfect 'boss' who actually has a presence on the map if your ill prepared and not in a nice spot.


                            i Love it, love the feel, love looking up at the sky and around me and love treyarch for it being the final map (bo2)

                            the easy route will never teach any of us anything, I hope if we ever see zombies again, it has plenty more maps from the imagination of whoever! The concept is there and it's cool to me, change is good!



                            EPic little post anyway, and iv probably gone off away from subject entirely. Just needed a space to let it off my chest..

                            what did people want? (Story excluded if not keen)

                            i got EXACTLY what I wanted, I just hear people moan in random lobbies about it being too cramped in places, the mud sucks, the panzer sucks. This, that, sucks!


                            how about a map called the square field...? all perks at one side, pack a punch and box at the other.. Oh and sorry a bank and fridge in the corner you spawn in.

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                            Re: How hard is Origins?

                            IT is hard but can be very easy.


                            on a 10 scale

                            original map 6/10 (lack of perks)

                            verruckt 6/10

                            shi no Numa 5/10

                            DEr Riese 6/10

                            KIno 4/10

                            five 7/10

                            Ascension 5/10

                            Shang ri la 8/10

                            moon 7/10

                            Tranzit 5/10

                            die Rize 6/10

                            mob 6/10

                            buried 3/10

                            nuketown 7/10

                            origins 8/10 but when you get upgrades it is 4/10.


                            hardest map of BO2 which became very easy with some effort.

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                              Re: How hard is Origins?

                              Effort? What do you mean?

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                                Re: How hard is Origins?

                                If you are just gonna get your perks and guns and go for high rounds that way, it's not really that difficult. On the other hand, if you're wanting to build everything (staves, thunder fists, napalm strike etc) it can prove to be pretty difficult and frustrating. That's what makes it fun though in my opinion, a challenge!! I just got the map last night and have only played four games, and haven't done much other than PAPing the MP40 and Boomhilda. I also built the music thing and opened "the crazy place"  but didn't know what to do there lol. I'm loving it!! The Panzer whatever his name was easy to kill the first couple times I played, then the game I played where I got to PAP, the bastard sucked me in with his claw out of nowhere and insta-killed me, lol....anyway, don't let the story ending ruin it for you, I hate how it ends, but the map is extremely fun!! And with so much to do, it should stay pretty interesting for quite sometime.

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                                  Re: How hard is Origins?

                                  Its the hardest map in BO2 for sure, Its hard to get the WW + hard to '' Pack a punch '' them in making them ultimate staffs. The Giant Robots also make watching your surroundings important + The Machine Robots are a challenge with that Claw. The Game is hard enough On round 25 but think about Avoiding the Giants robots and trying to kill the Machine Robot + Zombies chasing you. They Only give you 4 perks (5) The only Rotation i can see is Jugg Speed Mule Cherry ( Double Tap )

                                  I think they sat down and said there gonna make the last map hard, but then just made it extra hard so it would have longevity.

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                                    Re: How hard is Origins?

                                    Origins is Easy and Fun to Play!!

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