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    Death threats, because people beat me due to the stupid updates to improve lag?

      Ok so my old post got deleted so heres the clean verson, even thow I am getting death threats such as "your scum and you should die" and recently "tell me where you live and I will kick you to death" and "I will kill you and all of your family" I am not allowed to get angry about it, so here it is, I am NOT getting death threats from every sad person on the game just coz they beat me, remove the lag update, before the update the game ran fine and it took me as many bullets to kill someone as it did me no matter where they came from, USA to over side of the world like Australia, but I can empty a mag into someone and they drop me in 1 bullet, or I get no hit marks or they just kill me before they came around the corner, I want to play the game, but every person on it commets on my life and how I should die and how I will always be nothing, its making me angry, report them I hear you say, yea sure, they are gonna do something about it LOL I always report and nothing, oh wait but my friend who I play with got deranked for NOTHING makes sence, well 2 friends in my clan, and why, cheating, I know for sure they dont cheat, they both hate booster, hackers and modders. I just want the stupid update removed, everyone I know says it has ruined the game and I know a tone of people who play CoD, and they all say they are not getting Ghosts if its like Black Ops II after the patches, so thats about £100,000 they will not get for the next CoD, why change a thing, Black Ops II before any update was a brillant game, I really enjoyed it, now I cant kill anyon e coz of stupid deaths and I am wothless to 30% of people I meet online, nice going treyarch, you get your knickers in a twist when daived get death threats but not me? -_- I am starting to see what they think of their fans


      And Do not say its my internet I have dedicated internet just for CoD Bop2, it has about 8 ping, and high download speeds!


      I have been told different updates that cause the lag, but all I know, each update makes me lag more and more