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    Origin generators

      I am at round 17 and one of my generators got attacked and I could not get to it before it was turned off. Now I'm trying to turn it back on and the whole "hold x to start generator" thing pops up but it won't turn on. Is this a glitch or do I have to hunt a zombie down somewhere?

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          Re: Origin generators

          I assume you have enough points to activate it... if theres still a Templar zombie running around, you see a gold circle thing, similar to the arrows you see for your teammates in coop.

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            Re: Origin generators

            hi yotako! i have a similar problem with the generators. this happened to me 3 times now. i tried to activate generator 1 and left the pad in the moment the sequence started. now i cant activate it again. "hold x to start generator" pops up, i press x, "..." dissapears but the generator doesnt start. same happened in another game on generator 3 and on generator 5.

            ending the round is no work around. teleporting in the crazy place doesnt help too. i let the templars deactivate all the other generators to have some kind of refresh but it didnt solve the problem.

            its very frustrating, i am on round 62, have one down but cant rebuy qr. finally the wunderfizz jumped to generator 1, so i am fked. have to stay alive it seems :-)


            please patch this bug/glitch.

            PS: i found one vid on youtube which shows this problem. i searched for "black ops 2 origins generators bug"

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