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    Origins Easter egg tutorial

      Hey guys, I just put this together within a few minutes, so if anything is in-correct, let me know and I will edit the post. FYI, you only need two player up until Step 7.


      'Secure the Keys (Staffs)'

      Step 1 (A): Build all staffs

      Step 2 (B): Build ultimate Staffs


      'Ascend from Darkness'

      Step 2: Place Lightning Staff in the 'Thor' 1000ft Robot. Place wind in 'Odin', Ice in the 'Freya', then fire in the 5th Holder under PaP


      'Rain fire'

      Step 3 (A): Take staffs back from Robot head.

      Step 3 (B): Aquire Napalm monkey bombs

      Step 3 (C): Throw monkey bomb at seal (Near Staminup), and Simultaneously push button in the head of the middle 1000ft robot.


      'Unleash the Horde'

      Step 4: 'Unleash the Horde' Send Maxis drone into seal, then kill the 5 Panzer Soldats that come out.


      'Skewer the Winged Beast'

      Step 5: Go into zombie blood mode and shoot down the red baron (The red plane).

      Step 5 (A): Kill the Red Baron zombie in Zombie blood mode, he will be running  around the map.


      'Weild a fist of Iron'

      Step 6: Get all players to aquire Iron fists by hitting Templar zombies with your Sonic blast fist under PaP.


      'Raise Hell'

      Step 7: Place Ultimate staffs back in the Crazy place, then kill zombies by them



      Step 8: Achievement get: 'Little lost Girl'