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    What if, Black Ops 2 was a child's imagination.

      So think about this. After BO1 we blew up the Earth. Obviously some people survived. We know Stu was at least a child durring the outbreak. So Stu, Misty, Marlton, and Russman all imagination. Kids, survivours of the the rockets hitting earth living in a world, well The Walking Dead would be the best way to explain it. Well I'm sure if this was to really happen, our history books would be pretty diffrent. So these kids knew of everything that happen on BO1. This is the reason why the Zombies are on earth. So they are playing Zombies in their room with Toys acting out their own lil adventure with the new crew. If you think about it. Origins makes no sense. I mean 1000 ft Robot, in 1918 !! Hitler couldn't even pull that off in the 30-40's. Has to be a child's imagination. Which is why Origins and the original story dont add up. The Whole Zombie outbreak durring the 3rd Reich. not 20 yrs before. Wasn't that kid holding a Lil Richtofen action figure? I mean the ol' Richt we remember from BO1 ?  That might be why Young Richtofen looked like Dudley from Street Fighter. They said what if our heroes were real. They didn't say which heroes. also Treyarch always said, If its in there in means something. We do have New Systems coming up. I'm pretty sure the next Black ops release wont be on 360 or PS3. This could all be hints towards the new title. also I do hope that there is a 5th map coming. It could be a taste of whats next to come. That just cant be the end man no way. Like I said BO1 Zombies was way too complex for a child to think of.