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    Forum Layout after Maintenance has problems...

      After the forum went through maintenance yesterday, it changed the layout and now there are a few problems. I use the forum on my iPod touch and I notice the forum now loads slower.


      Another problem I noticed is when you are in a thread it usually shows the names of the people who commented in that thread as well as the amount of stars they have and underneath their name it would show their post count, but after the maintenance it does not show their post count anymore.


      One more problem I noticed is when you are in a sub-forum it does not show which posts have been commented on and which have not. For example if I am in the ps3 forum, it shows the threads that are in the forum and if a thread has been commented on it would show "Re: Then the title of that thread". If a thread wasn't commented on it walls just show the title. But after the forum maintenance it adores not show which threads have been commented on already. Now it just shows the title of the thread and that's it. This is very annoying.


      I was wondering if there was a way to fix these problems on the forum. Can you guys relay this info to the appropriate people or something like that? The forum is very difficult and inconvenient to use now on an iPod touch. Like I said, before the maintenance I had zero problems with the forum.