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    Need MW3 Elite Help..

      So I go to leave my clan. And it says theres a error when I go to rooster to select a new leader. What do I do. 


      Also my clan is at level 41 and I didnt't get the titles that have nothing on them. Or the emblems. My members that join do though. Any help? Thanks


      Xbox name- Far Knife.  Looking to give the clan away.

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          Re: Need MW3 Elite Help..

          So I really want to know as of why I didn't get any of the elite emblems when people that join my clan do...??! Please help. Also everytime I try to go on the rooster to choice a new leader it kicks me back to main screen.. :/  

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            Re: Need MW3 Elite Help..


            Activision Support here to offer some help. From the details in your post, it sounds like you are using the Elite console app. Please try using the Elite web site to manage your clan and see if you are successful there. If not, please know that the Elite team is investigating this issue accordingly but an ETA for resolution has not been set.


            Regarding your missing MW3 Clan Level Emblems, please sign into our support site using your Elite or Call of Duty account then complete the following form https://support.activision.com/Clan_Emblem_Request_Form


            If you have further questions or concerns, we can be reached via Facebook (Activision Assist) or Twitter (@ATVIAssist)


            Regards, ^JH

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