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    My roster won't show up?

      Hey guys, im a leader of an elite clan ( Appex Reapers ) and every time i try to pull up the roster to kick inactive members, an error message pops up? I've asked a couple other members and they said they've been experiencing the same problem? Please help!

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          Re: My roster won't show up?

          This is happening to me, I own the clan named TheC4, level 41. And I can't view my roster or invite a member with out an error popping up

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            Re: My roster won't show up?

            Greetings Kody,


            Activision Assist here to help! Some clan related issues are currently under investigation and we apologize for this inconvenience. However, where are you attempting to manage your clan from, web site or console app? Some have had success using either while others have had none but I can assure you this is being looked into accordingly.





            We can also be reached via Facebook (Activision Assist) or Twitter (@ATVIAssist)

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              Re: My roster won't show up?

              Hey Kody,


              I'm experiencing the same problem, I'm from the same clan and this really needs to get fixed. It's not just the clan roster, it's viewing current challenges too. Hope this gets fixed.


              ~ RIENCED

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