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    Why do campers camp!?

      I hate campers the first time I played with them, so I learn everything I can to kick them out of their camping spot, now its got to the point where me and my friends can pubstomp anyone even a full team who try to camp, so why bother? you'd have better chances running around!

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          1. Re: Why do campers camp!?

          Because they're Campers? Is this an existentialist question? Why do bears defecate in forested areas? It's in their nature.

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            2. Re: Why do campers camp!?

            Because not everyone finds it fun to rush around all the time like a headless chicken looking needing another kill in 2.5 seconds or less.

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              3. Re: Why do campers camp!?

              There are situations where camping makes sense.


              1. You're a sniper. Snipers "camp" because they've taken up a position that provides them with a line of sight in the distance where other players are bound to show up.


              2. You're defending a captured flag. Locking down the area to keep the flag for your team.


              What I hate is when people camp near flags that aren't even captured. Which means they're camping to wait for enemies to come to capture the flag. This is where camping is for lazy scrubs. Unless you're helping your team win, your camping is only boosting your own stats. Wanna boost your stats while camping? Play Free For All.

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                4. Re: Why do campers camp!?

                Because they are not good. Ever since black ops 2 came out there has been a ton of campers.

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                  5. Re: Why do campers camp!?

                  I don't camp only because I get bored sitting in one spot but if you want this to be a "realistic" game; you would camp more rather than run in the open and get shot. 


                  There are actually a lot less campers than what people like to cry about.  Pausing in a corner for a few seconds is not camping; it is good play to let them catch up to you and shoot them.  Every time someone crouches or hide a few seconds you hear everyone start yelling "camper".   Players get upset when they keep dying and keep repeating the same thing, trying to run and catch the "camper".  The maps are all small, just go in the opposite direction and get them from behind.

                  I'm a lousy player and even I can do that much.

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                    6. Re: Why do campers camp!?

                    Let me put it like this, there are 3 main style. Rusher, Tactical Rusher and Camper.


                    Camper beats Rusher. Tactical Rusher beats Camper and Rusher beats Tactical Rusher.


                    So why does a Camper camp? Dont try to answer that. If your not a camper who cares. Just learn the campers tendancies.


                    You and your team can Pub Stomp? Who cares?

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                      7. Re: Why do campers camp!?

                      Camping as I see it, is a poor playing style of the lesser skilled players who can't get a kill any over way, and if it doesn't win the game or get kills whats the point, I have only ever lost about 3% of my games to campers, but this is normally due to dumb random teammate's who just keep going back and getting killed. its boring to sit in a corner all game, you will get killed more times then you get a kill, every skilled none camper in the lobby will think your an unskilled ass, camping wont help you win. and if you do win, i will tell my mates to camp and you will never win, so whats the point

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                        8. Re: Why do campers camp!?

                        Camping is no less skilled then rushing/run-n-gun playstyle.


                        You are wrong if you think camping cannot win you the match. I have won many matches because I camped/defended an area and killed foolish rushers that continually came to my killing area.


                        Even if you did tell your mates to camp it would not stop for all it takes is one of them to get killed and then you lose at that point.


                        Camping is just as legitimate as any other playstyle no matter if players like you believe so or not.

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