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    Origins Zombies Yellow Ultimate Staff Of Wind Challenge

      Crazy Wind Challenge


      Take the Yellow Staff Of Wind To The Crazy place. Here you should see several large stone rings with symbols on them on the ceiling. You can also see some symbols on the rocks that line up with the rings.


      You can rotate the rings by hitting them with the staff of wind to create different combinations of symbols.


      The Correct Symbol sequence is     pic.twitter.com/t1EcBukDvN


      Once The Symbols are aligned Samantha will speak Next


      Next Step


      Go around the map ( Locations In The Video ) and look for some smoke stacks. They may look like round statues. When you find one, you need to blast it with the staff of wind in such a way that the smoke starts floating towards the excavation site.


      Samantha should talk in if you do it right. After both Wind Staff challenges are completed, head down to the excavation site and line up the four stone disks so they all have the yellow symbol in front.


      They Will Flash And the stones will all turn


      Then shoot the yellow orb that appears under the disks with the Yellow staff Of Wind.




      That Is The Yellow Staff Challenge Complete Take The Staff to the crazy place and place on the yellow stand when all staffs are in there kill the ghosts near the staff till Samantha says Yellow Staff complete


      Then collect your Ultimate Staff


      Video Guide If You Prefer Zombies Origins Ultimate Yellow Staff Of Wind Crazy Wind Challenge - YouTube