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    Searching partner to open clan.

      Hello BO Gamers ,


      I am making this topic because i wanna give it a try to make a own strong clan , ofcourse if you want to open a new clan u need a partner for it. ( Website making , Twitter , Recruiting and all other stuff. )


      Information about myself : I am 19 years old ,  born in Belgium. Playing 4 years shooter games. In use of a Gamer Headset. ( turtle beach ) . Prestige 11 , 2.15 Killrate. Social , active player.


      What kind of partner i need : +18 but if u act mature no problem. In use of a headset. Social and active. Ready to build your own clan togheter with me. (recruiting , pressure , work , friendly person , and TRUST able.)


      We will look togheter for a good clan name and other stuff.

      If you are INTERESTED pleas add me on the ps3 --> xKushBrainz- . OR  mail me for fast reply , jasongeerardyn@hotmail.com


      Much friendly regards of myself , and thanks for your time!