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    Improve your aim, tips and tricks.

      So I think we all have our moments when we just can't seem to put our opponents down, many times we may even blame it on the connection ( I myself may do this time from time) however when I go and watch myself play, I will notice that my aim may be off more then I realized when playing.

      Now how do I try and correct this issue, well first off I go into my game settings and bump up my aim sensitivity 3 levels. I normally play on a 9 so I kick it up to 12, then I disable auto-aim asset. After this I head into core TDM and have some "fun".

      This will be the most irritating game play you will experience. It is almost horrifying how much we rely on that setting on any mid range to long range gun fight. After a few rough games you will start to focus more on your aim alone and will start getting a few kills.

      After you have a few games of coming close to breaking even, switch back to your normal settings. It will feel as if you have your own personal aim bot. If anyone else has a few tips please share.



      You may have noticed that I did not say anything about weapon attachments, well there was a reason for that. This post is to fix the issue, not just treat the symptoms.

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          I found playing with the Tac 45 and Five-Seven as primaries really helped my aim. I also challenged myself by trying to pick off longer range shots with them too, not just spamming the trigger up close.


          To be honest, I think using any singlle shot or burst weapon would help, as you need to have some accuracy to be successful, but running with handguns allows you to be very fast and hard to hit, and it's fun!


          i guess changing things to make the game more challenging should make it easier when you revert back.

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              Back when I started playing MW2, the guys I played with swore aim assist screwed you up, and playing without it made you better.. So, I just turned aim assist off from the get-go ever since then. Couple months ago now I was playing at my in-laws and it was on. I was floored at the difference, it really seemed like I was cheating. I immediately started winning alot more gunfights of course, and my k/d increased considerably

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              go into a custom match with bots and use a ksg.

              since ksg is a slug shotgun, you really have to be on point to get a kill.

              imo it really helps with your aiming.

              also i dont think raising sensitivity helps improve our aim, its really what youre comfortable with. i used to play on 12 but i went back down to 8, and found it easier to play with, just harder to turn on people when im rushing

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                Kicking up your sensitivity that much might be overkill (i.e., create more frustration than it's worth, since you're already having trouble aiming), but I completely endorse turning aim assist OFF for a couple weeks.  Forces you to focus more on aiming so that when you turn it back on, it'll feel like cheating.  This reminds me, I need to bump up my sensitivity one more notch.  I've gotten used to this setting so I need to see if I can play at the next speed level.


                Semi-off topic...the KSG is the most frustrating gun in the game to use.  The hitbox is so wonky that I can't get anything going with that damn gun.

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                  Go play some crossbow only sticks and stones. That always helps me get warmed up nicely

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                    I find that my aim goes array when I change guns and/or sensitivity alot. Lately I've been sticking to the Mp7 with sense on 11, im pretty dead on most of the time. Get used to your settings and stick with them...

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                      I found that taking a small clear piece of scotch tape and sticking it on the center of your screen and use a red magic marker to create a dot directly in the center of your aiming area helps a lot.