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    Transferring profile between platforms - clarification

      Activision have now confirmed you CANNOT transfer profiles between console platforms as Mark Rubin seemed to hint at in a recent interview.


      “With the launch of Call of Duty: Ghosts, using their Call of Duty account, players will be able to carry their profile, stats and in-game progress forward and backward from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, and from PS3 to PS4.  This new ability will not only allow players to further enjoy their Call of Duty: Ghosts experience regardless of whether they are playing on current gen or next gen, but also will help them seamlessly transition to next gen, within console family, when ready. Currently, we do not have the ability to allow players to transfer their information across platform between Xbox and PlayStation. We apologize for any confusion. Please check CallofDuty.com for any new updates to policies surrounding console transition.” - statement from Activision