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    Does anyone know if CoD: Ghost will come out for the PSN?

      And if so how long does it usually take? I spent a lot of money on two copies of CoD: BO2, one being a Hardened Edition. Along with the Season Pass, it was too much. I have two PS3s and play with may kids and so I'll need to have it available for both PS3s but I'm not willing to pay for two copies again, particularly with what I'm expecting from CoD: Ghost. I LOVED BO1 and had a lot of expectations for BO2, as far as structure and overall game-play on the MP side I was NOT let down,,,, except for lag. Lag made it really un-"enjoyable" at times and from what we got form MW3 I think we're looking at the same lag situation for CoD: Ghost.


      So my question is given Activision's history in the past how long after release will the PSN version of CoD: Ghost b e available?

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