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    Any thoughts

      Hi everyone,


      Whats your take?


      Today I was playing TDM on Studio. I was up in the room at the back of the map. Before I knew it, three of my teamates came after

      me with riot shield and completley  blocked me and  surrounded me hitting me with their shields I jumped out the window and ran

      and they all came after me again? Boosting? I doubt it. But, why would people do that



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          some people are just jerks and they like to team up with other jerks to do jerky things. i had a couple of people try this with me. lucky for me they kept throwing grenades and i just tossed them back and they blew themselves up everytime. eventually they quit.

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            You were camping or they thought you were doing nothing most probs. If team mates camp in games im in, i like to shoot my gun near them now n then, to reveal their position

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                Yeah thats such a justifiable reason to troll. I bet your really good tho since your so anti camping.


                smh dude smh

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                    Lol i guess youve had people do this to you before


                    EDIT: Im not a troll lol. I dont go into games looking for campers. Just if it was obvious to me and it was annoying me, id do it to piiss you off.

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                        Ive been trapped in a corner a few times. Its just a weak move carried out by those who are lesser skilled and frustrated with the game.

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                            No its what people do when they get annoyed at campers. Camping slows the pace of the game. Its cheap. It doesnt help your team. It can block spawns. Its just a horrible way to play that has more negatives than positives.


                            If your team mates harrass you because your camping then good on them.

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                                I disagree with your opinions but to stay on topic trolling doesnt help the situation in anyway. It hurts the team, It hurts yourself by taking attention off the game and it definately doesnt help the camper. And if the camper is pressured into venturing out, that will hurt the team and him even more because he will just go out and get killed. On top of that it will just encourage him to camp more.


                                Let him develop on his own, he will branch out and obtain more awareness when hes ready. Other than that communicate to him with a mic and help him in a positive way.


                                Im not saying you have no skill because you troll campers im just saying think more into what your doing, thats if you even give a sht.

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                          So what you're saying is if a player doesn't play in the way you want it's OK for you to bully them.


                          The guy you are annoying has paid to play the game how they want not how you want.  Sorry but if you are doing this then you are nothing more than a troll and should be banned.  Campers are annoying - deal with it

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                          You know how to deal with this?


                          1 - Completely ignore them and try to play normally. If they are not getting a reaction they will normally stop or try to find someone else to do it to. Remember though be patient. They might still try for a while before eventually giving up.




                          2 - Just stand still and motionless, as if you weren't playing. They should then give up as well.


                          As soon as you start knifing them, jumping or start raging over the mic they will have you right where they want you lol.

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                            Unfortunately, some people think it's more fun to annoy their teammates than to play the game. It's not something that happens often, but when you run into people like that, there isn't much you can do about it except leave. Anyway, it's not really anything to worry about.

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                              THey probably thought you were camping. And to make you stop they did what they had to do. If you were camping then I would expect that to happen more frequently whether its right or wrong. FYI: They cannot be banned for doing this so don't bother reporting them (if that's what you were thinking).

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                                A couple idiots did the same thing to me a few nights ago when I was sniping on Studio and then again in Standoff.  They 'politely informed' me that sniping is camping and camping is going to be outlawed in future versions of Call of Duty.  I just sort of laughed and went about my day but it was obnoxious at the time.  And whoever posted just stand there and do nothing, that is the best advice.  I did that for awhile in the corner and they eventually got bored and wandered off to harass someone else they could get a riled up.

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                                  They were probably just out to troll, especially since all three were equipped with Assault Shields to team up on someone and do what they did to you.


                                  Seems like Premeditated First Degree Trolling to me.

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                                    Some people think its funny as hell to be annoying in the third degree and some people do it just because they don't like your playstyle. Either way the best thing to do is just don't react. Sit still and and don't say anything to them over the mic and they will eventually move on to some other poor soul.

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                                      They were fooling around acting stupid.