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    How to build the elemental staff's and upgrade them

      Many people have had troubles trying to figure out how to build and upgrade all the staffs and they find it very difficult to look at videos so I decided to post a thread about it. Beware, this is not all original content, most of this information is going to be copied from videos and typed up. All I'm doing is looking at the video and writing the instructions for anyone who are better off reading the viewing.



      How to build the elemental staff's:

      Fire staff:

      1. Search for the red musicall disk. The three spots that it will be located in the tank station/church by generator six.
      2. Turn on generator six and complete it to full completion. There, the first fire staff part will appear in the reward chest like the one you see at the spawn where the zombie blood appears on the right of generator six. (It's better to do this at the end of a round and train the templar zombies but don't kill them)
      3. Kill the panzor/bioshock/big daddy robot for the second fire staff part. (Getting a nuke or an instakill will have a massive effect on the robot. If you turn around and spray into his head with the MG08 or a ray gun or an automatic, he'll most likely die within a clip)
      4. For the final part, there will be an glowing plane flying around the sky. You must shoot it down with any weapon. Once you do that. a red flare will fall from the plane. Follow that red flare to where it lands and there will be the third and final fire staff  piece.
      5. Go to the extraction site and look for the blue musical disk that will be placed in the gramophone and pick it up. It will spawn in two locations.
      6. Open up the debris by the extraction site up the ramp by PaP(Pack-A-Punch) and go ramp and look for the gramophone then pick it up.
      7. Place the gramophone on the desk next to where it was so that it'll open the stairs to the staff room.
      8. Go back to the spawn and out the way to speed cola and generator three. As soon as you go out the door, there will be a tunnel leading to "The Crazy Place" but it's also a tunnel leading to the fire staff teleportation room.
      9. Place the gramophone on the table and wait until the fire portal is built, then go through the portal.
      10. Go to the stand the beholds the fire elemental piece and pick it up
      11. Access the teleporter and go back through. Go back to the extraction site and down to where you picked up your gramophone. Then, go downstairs even further and keep going to the very, very bottom. You'll see four stands. Look for the red stand and there will be where you build you fire staff. Go to the stand and hold the action button to build the staff, then take it. ( NOTE: IT DOES REPLACE WHATEVER WEAPON YOU HAVE! Also, if you go down or die, it'll be placed back there with the amount of ammo you had left in it when you died.)


      Wind Staff:


      1. Search for the yellow musical disk. It will spawn in two locations.
      2. Look for the three giant robots to be walking around. Wait until their alone, not all walking at once. On the bottom of their feet, there will be these yellow markings, you must shoot that foot with the yellow marking and stand underneath it, or in a place where it steps and have it step on you. Once you go inside, there will be a yellow piece. The first yellow piece is in the middle walking through the right side of generator five to generator four. The second is on the left side of generator five walking to generator six. The third is walking through the mud road where the lighting staff parts and the train goes to speed cola.
      3. Then, go to the wind tunnel on the left side of jugg and go down to the crazy place. Place the gramophone in the tunnel and go through yellow portal and go to wind's elemental stand and take the wind element. Go back to the teleporter, rebuild it, go through it and go to the extraction site.
      4. Go down to the staff room and go to the wind craft stand and craft your wind staff.



      Lightning Staff:


      1. Search for the purple musical disk. It'll spawn in two - three locations.
      2. Go to the tank station/church and ride the tank.
      3. There will be three jump off locations. You must jump off the tank to go get each and every purple staff piece.
      4. Once you get all the pieces, go to the lightning crazy place tunnel and place the gramophone on the table. Then, go into the portal, go to the purple lightning stand and pick up the lightning element.
      5. Go back through the portal and leave the crazy place. Go to the extraction site and into the staff room. Go to the purple lightning place and craft your staff.



      Ice Staff:


      1. Search for the blue musical disks
      2. Wait until it is snowing outside (When it's raining, it'll be pouring down faster but when it's snowing, it'll be falling slowly)
      3. Get a shovel(Two are available at the spawn) and dig around the dig spots until you find all three parts.
      4. Go to the ice tunnel and build the teleporter
      5. Go through the teleporter, pick up your ice element, go back through the teleporter, head to the extraction site, and go to the staff room.
      6. Go to the ice staff stand and craft your ice staff


      First Disk Location: 015f80455a360d3c72502cdc79bad7a1.png

      First part location: 7268adaea9acf6babd6a2a854705ba40.png

      Second part location: bbeb624a56da050e1830e06d0ea6f6c5.png

      Third part location: 3ec9d793ade1f16c5237014a7d766a29.png

      Ice tunnel: 02a0855dc38ea1e5eb800ff9e52b4735.png

      Ice teleporter: 931dd27ddb06b23f960a817fc64d30da.png

      Ice element stand: 7478a026b9ec36fb23d03911e43e72e7.png

      Ice staff craft stand: 18b6eceda55bf981b8f98150ba92587b.png


      I'll add the how to upgrade part tomorrow. I'm going to sleep.