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    What's With All the Lobby Resets.

      So the last update did some good in eliminating the long delays in pre-game lobbies.


      But here's the thing.  I've experienced lots of lobby resetting.  I will be in the same lobby for 2 or 3 consecutive games but then, suddenly, bam, the lobby is reset and then I'm put in the middle of another game.  This happens even when there are enough players to form teams.


      Again, I'm sure many appreciate not having to deal with long pregame delays anymore.  But, with this chronic resetting of lobbies as a result of the attempted fix, I'm wondering if I'd rather wait for the few extra seconds than to be unpredictably and automatically put into mid games.


      I never liked switching lobbies no matter how good or bad the players were.  Staying in one lobby gives the game continuity, better odds at avoiding playing the same maps; and, most importantly to me, playing rematches against good players.


      It's like a plumber trying to stop a leak but only to create a worse one elsewhere.  C'mon!