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    Anyone need a clan???(xbox)

      Everyone wants a clan where they will feel a part of it and feel like they matter but sometimes joining an already large clan isnt the best option. Well here at Th3 OutKasts your commitment and devotion is the backbone to this clans success. We are a newly formed clan that plays BO2 and Mw3 and were ready to join the middleweight to heavyweight class. Were not a strict clan and all of our members are laid back. So enough about the clan lets get to the requirements to join.


      1. Must be decently Active

      2. Positive K/D(1.5+ preferred)

      3. Try and have a mic

      4. Must be able to understand basic strategy

      5. Must be prepared to go on winning streaks.


      Any further questions or comments please add me or my friend on xbox live.


      ii Am x FeArEd

      ii Am x StUd


      If no further questions or comments then the last step is the easiest.

      6. Goto call of duty elite and search our clan "Th3 OutKasts" and send us an application to join and we will accept as soon as possible.


      Hope to see everyone soon. Have a great day!!

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