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    Ghosts Infected Suggestion

      My suggestion for infected in Ghosts is to make it so the infected don't have any throwing knives up until there is one more survivor. Once there is only one survivor then the infected have throwing knives, but before no throwing knives. I know I just repeated myself, but I wanted to make sure my point was clear. Thank you for reading this!

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          whats wrong with how it is now?

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              I don't have a problem playing infected now in MW3, but I just felt that it was too easy for the infected to kill survivors. This thread isn't meant to complain about infected it's just feedback. I don't expect this to be implemented; I'm just putting it out there as an idea.

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                  Honestly, it's actually REALLY difficult to get a kill without the throwing knife while being infected-he survivors would easily win the match.

                  EX: On Dome imagine how hard it would be to climb the ladder then sprint towards an enemy without the knife.

                  You'd die before getting even half way up the ladder.

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                I am not a fan of this idea, in any way shape or form.  The infected need to have "a chance".  When there were no TK's, the death rates were insane and multiple moabs were rampant.  Not to mention the amount of quitting infected players.


                Now I am going to say that I repeatedly asked about re-balancing the infected lobbies back in MW3, because the outcome of the game when TKs were introduced was decidedly "infected wins".  I was told that the developers had thought long and hard over what was already there and felt it was appropriate. 


                What infected needs desperately is some consistent freshening up.  We have done a lot of private matches and have found combos like:

                • LMG vs limited pistol or short ranged shotty
                • Better A/R + better handguns vs TK w/ scav (not allowed to shoot pistol)
                • Double sniper rifles (overkill) vs TK

                This is just a few that we have implemented.  Hopefully with the way the new perks work, the variety will be there.


                I have high hopes for infection.

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                    That's actually a really good idea! I see what you're saying. I hadn't played infected before throwing knives were introduced. In fact I didn't even know there was a time when there wasn't throwing knives, because I got the game a year after it came out. But I do agree with your idea. That may actually work out better than my idea.

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                    this wont help gameplay much because people will still leave out of frustration since they can't get Kills. allowing the infected TKs on the last survivor doesn't help much because it is hard to get to that point anyways, and the game would probably last another 20 seconds after that.


                    Let's assume that there will be 18 player lobbies again. My idea is to give the infected throwing knives until the point the scoreboard shows "9-9" as in 9 infected and 9 survivors. Basically the first 8 infected get to use TK's. If the lobby isn't full, then supply the infected with throwing knives until there is a half and half split (odd numbers, such as 13, get TK's until the scoreboard is half plus 1, or 7-6). After that, the infected have to take down the rest of the survivors without the TK, which gives the last survivors a fighting chance.

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                      No for then it will just be camp city and make it a boosters paradise for streaks like it was in mw3 with the moab.