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    Building The Ultimate Lightning Staff

      Origins Zombies Purple Ultimate Staff Of Lightning Challenge


      Take the Purple Staff Of Lightning To The Crazy place.The Entrance Is around the House ( Generator 5 ).


      Once In the Crazy Place and you’ll find a collection of purple glowing triangles on the wall.Think of the triangles as piano keys, with the lower triangles as white keys and the upper as black ones.


      The symbols on The Walls are the key as to which triangles you need to hit, and in which order.


      You Need To Hit A Total Of 9 Keys And Here is the order



      Sequence 1


      Sixth lower triangle

      First lower triangle

      Third lower triangle


      Sequence 2


      Third lower triangle

      Fifth lower triangle

      Seventh lower triangle


      Sequence 3


      Fourth lower triangle

      Sixth lower triangle

      Second lower triangle




      You need to find a total of eight panels that are scattered throughout the map. One of the panels will be sparking with an Orange/Yellow Glow. Go up to the panel and turn the switch on it until the panel is no longer sparking.


      This will cause another of the eight panels to start sparking. Do this for all eight panels.


      1. Adjacent corner to Stamina-up

      2. Beside Tank below Church

      3. Inside Church beside Mystery Box

      4. Broken wall beside Wind Tunnel (area beside Jug)

      5. Spawn room corner where Maxis Drone part spawns

      6. Tank Station beside Tablet table (back entrance)

      7. Back of Dig Site near start of Church Path


      After both Purple Lightning Staff challenges are completed, head down to the main excavation site and line up the four stone disks so they all have the lightning symbol/ Purple Color is in front. Then shoot the orb that appears under the disks with the staff.


      Finally, once all the challenges are done, you need to go back to the Crazy Place and place all the staffs on their Correct pedestals.


      kill the ghosts near the staff till Samantha says Something like you control the power of lightning


      Then collect your Ultimate Staff


      Video Guide http://youtu.be/uXBZHmib9UY